Alight Literary Stirling with Flames

Bloody Scotland came with much anticipation and excitement. Stirling Crime Festival opened for its 7th year running with the McIlvanny Prize, held in the Church of the Holy Rude at the top of the historical city. Bagpipes played and the Stirling Gin cocktail was served as this sell out event took place.

On the shortlist were: Lin Anderson with Follow the Dead, Chris Brookmyre with Places in the Dark, Charles Cummingham with The Man Between and Liam McIlvanney with The Quaker. The winner of 2018 was…… Liam McIlvanney with The Quaker.

The atmosphere was friendly and one of excitement as everyone applauded before heading out and up to the Castle Esplanade to collect torches. The atmosphere was lovely with the buzz of people talking and standing in line as each person shared their flame to light the next person’s torch. The dusky sky turning to night only enhanced the spectacle of flames as they danced to the tune of the slight breeze, with their heat helping to keep everyone warm on the dry autumnal evening. Led by well known authors: Val McDermid and Denise Mina, the procession meandered through the streets of Stirling down the Albert Halls began as people lined the streets to watch.

Bloody Scotland Torchlight Procession

Would I recommend this experience? Absolutely, it is such fun to experience something that is a bit different from the norm. So, if you’ve done it lots of times or are the person who has wondered if it is for them, I say give it a go and help fill the streets and be a part of bringing Bloody Scotland in Stirling to life.


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