Time of Blogs. Crediting @chasharris

When I was at the Morecambe and Vice festival, I got talking to Charles Harris (Writer and Director, more about that in a later blog). He gave me sage advice to a new blogger ie me, from what he learnt from blogging himself (details can be found below) . He gave me advice to have a time slot for blogs to go out and to work out how frequently to blog.

Time will be 8pm for blog output. I apologise in advance if for some reason it is late, but this is what I am absolutely aiming for.

I have quite a bit I need to blog about right now with book reviews and theatre reviews and more Morecambe and Vice related reviews, so as for frequency, I will remember this great advice and will work it out by the end of 2018.

Thanks again to people who are following my blogs and thanks again to Charles Harris, who is very kind and for his imparting of some of his wisdom. Which was a pleasure and privilege to receive.

Charles Harris also has a blog which can be found at http://www.charles-harris.co.uk


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