Les Miserables – by Cameron Mackintosh, Boublil and Schönberg A Tale for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow @Captheatres #LesMiserables #Edinburgh #Theatre #Musical #Review

Les Miserables
Rating: 5 Stars *****


les mis

I recently saw the touring production of Cameron Mackintosh’s  Boublil and Schönberg’s acclaimed musical Les Miserable at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh. I won’t go on too much about the story as I reckon most people know it by now, how it takes place during a French Revolution to bring about change. It’s the musical that invites audiences to join their crusade with heartfelt songs along with some humour and rousing songs too.

This is the musical with themes of romance, loss, strife, death, prosititution, suicide.

It was brilliantly done with the minimalist scenery, especially the barraks.
The use of projected scenery depicting tunnels of sewers, streets, fight scenes etc was very effective and used very well, to bring more depth to the scenery and to give the realistic impression of things like running through tunnels etc. It was a very clever use of this technology.

All the cast were excellent. There were some outstanding cast members who played main characters: Jalvert, the young Cosette and I could go on, but it was a big cast and they all performed spectaularly well.

There are things that perhaps people can carry with them today from this musical. In the French Revolution we see that really, no side wins. Everyone has their own crusade about something that’s going on in the world. Perhaps sometimes there can be winners and losers, but if this has anything to go by, there are times when it seems there should be a winning and a losing side, but the reality is both sides can pay a price, including the ultimate price.

Whether you have seen it once, twice or more or not at all yet on stage, it is still worth seeing.


Festival Theatre – Edinburgh

Running Dates and Times

Tue 22 Jan to Sat 16 Feb 2019

2pm Sundays, 2.30pm Thursdays, Saturdays and Wednesday 13 Feb, 7.30pm Tuesdays to Saturdays

Running time (approx.): 2 hours 55 minutes (Inc. 15 minute interval)

Currently Tickets are sold out but you can contact them to see if there are any Returns.

This is a musical that is touring round the country. The websites for the musical and your theatres will have listings.

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