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Sealed With A Death
By James Silvester
Rated: *****


I am pleased to be starting off the blog tour for Sealed With A Death by James Silvester.

Sealed with a Death poster

About the Author

James Silvester’s debut novel and sequel, Escape to Perdition and The Prague Ultimatum, reflected his love both of central Europe and the espionage genre and was met with widespread acclaim. His new series features strong female protagonist Lucie Musilova, a character fully reflective of Europe’s changing cultural and political landscape. James lives in Manchester.


Still new to the top-secret Overlappers intelligence team, and on her first `hit’ alone, Lucie Musilova has an attack of conscience and nearly botches the operation, taking a bullet wound before finishing off her target. Though her injuries are minor, she is chastised for her carelessness and assigned desk duties. Here she investigates a number of disappearances of European women from Britain – the women all missing without trace until the body of one is discovered, raped and murdered. Lucie learns that tens of women have disappeared, all with little investigation. As she digs deeper she begins to uncover a terrifying international conspiracy that potentially threatens not just her life, but to topple Governments….  
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I firstly should mention that cover. It is strong and very well designed and is very effective for what is inside the pages.

This book has got to be placed up there in one of the most current book in fiction there currently is. All fiction has elements of the non-fiction, it grounds everything and keeps it realistic. This book certainly does all of that very well. We just need to turn on the news and still, almost everyday, a large proportion of it is not just politics, but Brexit within Britain. James Silvester writes very well and at excellent pace, in conveying what is happening and mixing it with his fictional, strong female character Lucie Musolova, who works within the world of espionage and assassination, and yet has to also reconcile this with the fact she has a faith.

What sets this book apart from some political thrillers, except the sheer current political profile it builds up, is the pace, kept up by the conciseness of the writing and the range of topics, which is enough to keep readers interested and adds to the intrigue as to what could happen next. From the opening paragraph, the atmosphere has been set as the scene then builds, which all pulled me in and I am certain would pull in other readers fast. For a political thriller, this is no mean feat. Politics can be and is often interesting, I think so anyway, after all, it affects everyone’s lives, either positively or negatively, but for a fictional book to immediately draw attention takes skill.

Lucie Musilova is an assassin and I have to say, a likeable one. She is part of the Overlappers Intelligent Team and within the book readers enter the world of trafficking and exploitation and politics. She is a strong woman, but certainly human and seems to have a heart to an extent, which I like. She makes mistakes, some big ones however, such as nearly putting an operation into jeopardy by making a misjudgment. The story then ups the thriller element again when women across many countries in Europe start to disappear, Kasper Algers, an Independent MP disappears and there’s still the case as to what happened to Ines Aubel. Readers are also taken into the world of brothels and further into the world of espionage and fake passports.

I have to say, I was impressed by not just how current this book is, but also the calibre of writing, considering the time it takes to write a book, especially well and how politics moves along at the moment.

The book takes us to the far right of British politics and also to France where there’s the Gilet Jaune movement and the author takes this element into Britain. There’s also a focus on the everyday prejudices, pay as well as the cuts to police resources.

A clever thing happens within the telling of this story in that Lucie decides she has to work with Brexit hardliner: Labour’s Amber Robyn because she sits on the Home Affairs Select Committee and opposed brothels, even though Lucie doesn’t necessarily agree with her stance on Brexit. I like how there is a professionalism portrayed between these two characters. Again, I couldn’t help but still be swept up into this well conceived story.

The language and tone of all the characters is believable, there’s no holding back!

Whether you’re a Remainer or Leaver, this is a very good read with the ingredients for a thriller, set upon a current political backdrop, working very well together. This is the second book within this series. The first being Blood, White and Blue. This book can be read as part of the series or stand-alone, which is good from beginning to end.

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