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A Summer to Remember
by Sue Moorcroft
Rated: 5 Stars *****


I am pleased to have had the brilliant opportunity to have joined Sue Moorcroft’s and her publisher – Avon Books (Harper Collins) blog tour to celebrate her E-book promo. This is an excellent promo with the book being only 99p. I am pleased to present my review for one of her excellently written and delightfully absorbing summer books – A Summer to Remember.

Sue Moorcroft summer ebook

The A Summer to Remember UK ebook is currently on 99P PROMO!

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About the Author

Sue Moorcroft summer picSue Moorcroft is a Sunday Times and international bestselling author and has reached the coveted #1 spot on Amazon Kindle. She’s won the Readers’ Best Romantic Novel award and the Katie Fforde Bursary, and has been nominated for several other awards, including the Romantic Novel of the Year Awards.

Her short stories, serials, columns, writing ‘how to’ and courses have appeared all over the world.

Part of an army family, Sue was born in Germany and lived much of her childhood in Malta and Cyprus before setting in the UK.

You can follow Sue Moorcroft on:
Twitter: @SueMoorcroft
Facebook: SueMoorcroftAuthor/
Instagram: @SueMoorcroftAuthor

A Summer to Remember CoverSunday Times bestselling author published in print, ebook and audio by Avon (HarperCollins)



WANTED! A caretaker for Roundhouse Row holiday cottages.

WHERE? Nelson’s Bar is the perfect little village. Nestled away on the Norfolk coast we can offer you no signal, no Wi-Fi and – most importantly – no problems!

WHO? The ideal candidate will be looking for an escape from their cheating scumbag ex-fiancé, a diversion from their entitled cousin, and a break from their traitorous friends.

WHAT YOU’LL GET! Accommodation in a chocolate-box cottage, plus a summer filled with blue skies and beachside walks. Oh, and a reunion with the man of your dreams.

PLEASE NOTE: We take no responsibility for any of the above scumbags, passengers and/or traitors walking back into your life…



The first thing to point out is the blurb. It caught me the moment I read it. It is just so full of humour! This made me want to read the book even more.

Clancy Moss is the main character who lives in Chalk Farm, London but now looking to begin a new life in Nelson’s Bar, Norfolk to escape and to change her life. I have now read a few of Sue Moorcroft’s books and this is something she does well. She carefully and meaningfully builds up her character’s lives, in this case it is Clancy’s, so readers know and can sympathise at the very least with why a new life is a good decision. This concept of leaving a life behind to start afresh is written so believably and convincingly, that this is the best way to go for Clancy.

In a Summer to Remember, the issues of slow to almost non-existant wi-fi are addressed adeptly and the issues that this can cause within rural places. Interestingly, there is an air of optimism too about the lack of wi-fi. This is what I enjoy about this book: is that it isn’t just about love, there’s a lot more to get your teeth into. There’s the very real social and economic issues that many will have either of experienced or heard of and tourists and keeping accomodation for them going. There’s the issues surrounding UCAS and school grades and the parent pressure to have their child attend university, there’s the issues of tourism and whether there will be too many tourists for Nelson’s Bar versus employment. Readers really get to know what goes on within each of the character’s lives.

A Summer to Remember is an excellent title. Who wouldn’t forget not getting married and leaving a fiance and re-creating a life in a different place and also finding romance. The romanticism can be found in the idyllic surroundings.  Nelson’s Bar itself is written so picturesquely with its lovely sea and sunsets. Then there’s the blossoming romance with Aaron. The love scenes are written so beautifully and tastefully and enticingly delicate and yet sizzle. This isn’t a book however, where the past is exactly that and forgotten about. What Sue Moorcroft does so well here is keep the past and present connected. Will, the ex-fiance, isn’t suddenly forgotten about, he still, whether Clancy wants it or not, features in her life one way or another. 

From beginning to end this book has so much of human life and yet it feels as light as summer, and still it skillfully has meaningful substance. It is a most enjoyable and absorbing read of break-up, romance and life’s trials and tribulations and escapism. A Summer to Remember is a book to remember this summer and for more summers to come.

I highly recommend A Summer to Remember, whether you are on holiday or a staycation or still having to work. It is a great book to unwind and escape with.

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