A Day at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Short Reviews of 3 shows @mattforde @DaveBibby @russellhoward @edfringe #Edinburgh #Scotland

An Evening at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

There is always fun to be had at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, from street performers to full shows performed by comedians, actors, musicians starting out their careers to those who are more established and some household names and some return having starting their careers at what is the largest arts festival in the world. There really is something for everyone. Yes it is busy as the world descends on the Scottish capital over August, but the atmosphere is amazing and everything from pubs to theatres and everything inbetween is a venue. There are plenty of places to eat too in the majority of the streets with various cuisines. This is one of many trips into Edinburgh over the years.

Fringe sign

I present to you a short reviews on these 3 shows I saw with a Fringe going friend.

Dave Bibby – Crazy Cat LAD-y
Globe Bar
On until 25th August at 4:45pm

Dave loves cats. Sit and enjoy random pics of his cats, which are cute and fun. The show isn’t all about his cats. The pictures are interspersed throughout witty banter throughout the show.
Take a journey with Dave through his favourite 1990’s childhood film of Hook. Please note this is very much an adult show. He takes the audience through Hook with a bit of funny acting and songs set to well known music. There’s a bit of audience participation, but in the main it is the audience as a whole.
The show is also about growing up as a man when the age 30+ hits.
In the main it is hilarious and worth taking a chance on.
He also encourages audiences to send him pics of their cute cats.

Where will you have seen him before? In the main in various adverts on tv but also Netfix, Comedy Central, Channel 4 and others, plus radio.

Tips: It is a small venue and because it is free and non-ticketed, it is worth joining the queue early. The area of the pub he used filled pretty quickly.

Russell Howard – A Working Progress
Assembly Hall – Main Hall

My friend and I saw Russell Howard last year and had lots of fun, so decided, since we knew the content was going to be different, to see him again. We were not disappointed. His show is called Working Progress because he is trying out different jokes and anecdotes to work out what works and what doesn’t so well for his arena tours and tv shows. He also tells some anecdotes that are only for a Fringe audience too.
His anecdotes covered family, school days, social media trends and influences, politics and a safari trip. Some worked better than others of course, but that’s the purpose of the show, but on the main his stories were very funny. He has some serious points to get across but does this well, in a comical way.
So was it worth seeing him a second year running? Yes it absolutely was.

Where you have seen him before? Various stages, Tv panel shows such as Mock the Week, Good News and Live at the Apollo etc.

Tips: It was a sell-out performance when I was there. If he is all sold-out, it is worth looking for returned tickets. You just never know your luck.
The venue is very hot, so take water with you.

Matt Forde – Brexit, Pursued by a Bear
Pleasance Forth 
8:30pm, various dates until 25th August.

Matt Forde gave a show of satire that was polished and full of humour, which was brilliant. He seamlessly balances the fun with the serious messages he was trying to get across. He has satirical fun with all the main parties with aplomb. His impersonations of politicians were great. His comic timing is excellent.
My friend and I decided to see him because we had seen him around a lot in the grounds of the Pleasance and decided we really ought to see one of his shows. We were very pleased we saw his show, we were not disappointed.

Where you have seen him before: Around the Fringe, On Tv shows as Matt Forde Unspun and is on radio.

Tips: Wear good shoes as there’s a number of stairs to this part of the Pleasance. Queues also build fast. He has announced a couple of other show slots on Friday 16th and Friday 23rd August



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