Partner’s In Crime Podcast with Adam Croft and Robert Daws @RobertDaws @AdamCroft @CrimeFicPodcast #podcasts

It’s been awhile since I have talked about this podcast, so, as I just listened to one, I thought I’d do a quick write-up as you may be interested in listening in too this evening as the weather is rather mixed, or indeed any time.

Grounded in their own homes, Robert Daws and Adam Croft are still doing their podcast – Partner’s In Crime, that has been running for over 100 episodes now.
Now, you can watch them do it too via YouTube. I have provided a link at the bottom.

They’ve had a bit of bother in their gardens in the episode called Simply Not Cricket, especially Adam Croft… who’d have thought gardens could be so hazardous! It all involves a pot and finger.

They reckon time spent on reading books have now doubled. The stats are interesting that are discussed. Thrillers seem to be a favourite. They talk about Peter May’s book called Lockdown. I would also like to suggest people try out The Health of Strangers series by Lesley Kelly too.

Robert Daws talked about how he got into detective series. Also look out for Trueman and Riley, available on audiobook, which sounds a good one.

There’s interesting talk about Agatha Christie.

There’s interesting chat called Cold Bones by David Mark, makes me feel a bit cold listening to it due to the setting. It sounds intrguing and gritty.

As podcasts go, being in lockdown, this is a pretty good one.

Click here for links to the podcast Twitter Page with further links within it for the episodes

Click here for the podcasts

Both have books as well, which you will find around my blog about, so check out those too as they’re very good.



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