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Festival Fireworks
By Ann Burnett
Rated: ****

Festival Fireworks is a romance, set in Edinburgh at the time of the Edinburgh Festivals in August. It’s a lovely book for those missing a bit of the city at this time of year and looking for a bit of city escapism. Thanks to Kelly and Meggie at LoveBooksTours for inviting me onto this blog tour and for sending me the book. Today is my stop on the blog tour with a review.

About the Author

Festival of Fireworks Burnett Head Shot (1)Ann Burnett has been writing for many years and covers many genres. She wrote Postman Pat stories for a comic for five years, adapted Moomin stories as picture books, and scripted over 100 programmes for BBC children’s TV and radio. She also writes short stories and articles and has even tried poetry and drama!

Her latest writing is a contemporary romance, Festival Fireworks, for Ladybug Publications.

She was once almost sold to a Masai warrior for two cows but was only saved because her husband wouldn’t have been able to get the cows on the plane home!

You can find Ann Burnett’s website and blog about writing at


Aussie Jill arrives in Edinburgh at Festival time, at the start of a gap year. Unfortunately, her boss at the temporary job she’s taken turns out to be her grumpy neighbour, Andrew, aka Mr Bossy. As the Festival fireworks explode over the city every night, they start to fall in love. Then Jill has to return suddenly to Australia. Can their budding romance survive or will the fireworks fizzle and die?

Festival of Fireworks Cover


Festival time (August), is my all time favourite times of year (except, in my current job, I, much to my absolute dismay, actually miss some great things at the festivals due to my current job being term-time, despite, ironically, living and working in Scotland, but when I do get to go, I have the absolute best time, steeped in culture, fun and seeing performances by actors, comedians, authors I may never have got the chance to otherwise, although always want to see more than my short time away from work allows). This is a heartwarming book that captures the city well and has a good plot with characters to care about.

This is about a house swap for the summer holidays. Linda visits Queensland whilst Jill visits Edinburgh, exploring the Edinburgh Festival and the city itself. It’s absolutely delighted me from the first chapter. There’s the buildings, steeped in history and architecturally built so well, especially the older ones, the dark history of Burke and Hare, some of the fictional characters that have been created by some famous Edinburgh authors, of which there are many.

Jill, as she is staying in her aunt’s tenament for awhile, figures she needs a job and lands one, working for Andrew MacCallum-Blair, a name that’s about as Scottish as they come, I reckon; and meets Grigor, a Ukranian, whilst at work at a function.

Andrew and Jill may not have got off to the best of starts, but you can tell he cares, then one magical night at the beautifully described Military Tattoo, at Edinburgh Castle, sparks of romance start to fly…

I’ll let readers discover if love happens, or if an injury Jill incurs means a broken bone and a flight back home to Australia means a broken romantic intentions or not in this entertaining and very lovely, vibrant book that captures the city vibes and beauty of Edinburgh so well.



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