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The Broderick and Sullivan Murder Mystery Series 
By Robert Daws

Sun, sea, island life, scenery and murder….

There is more than just lovely scenery in Gibraltar. Meet the police team –  Broderick and Sullivan, as they take readers on a journey of intrigue, mystery and murder…

Find out why Tamara Sullivan was seconded to Gibraltar, the many crimes that need solving and what secrets the island holds, within these compelling, twisty tales.

Discover a link to the reviews at the bottom of this article, for reviews of the first 2 books – The Rock and Poisoned Rock. Then watch out for reviews of Killing Rock and Echo Rock.

There are exciting things afoot! Robert Daws has now partnered up with the publishing company – Hobeck Books, who are publishing The Sullivan and Broderick Murder Mystery series, set in Gibraltar. He has fabulous new cover art and is writing more of this series.

It is with thanks to Rebecca Collins and Adrian Hobart at Hobeck Books, that I am currently working on a review for the book – Killing Rock and soon will be also reading and reviewing Echo Rock.

The book – Killing Rock will be available soon to pre-order and Echo Tunnel – a short story –   will be available for free as an E-book soon.

To whet your appetite for what’s to come, here are those covers, reflecting Gibraltar and the sinister, murderous goings on…. I have also included cover art for The Rock and Poisoned Rock.

Look out in the coming days for my reviews of Killing Rock and Echo Rock…..

See a slideshow below and  here is the link to the reviews – The Rock Reviews
Social Media Links:
Robert Daws: 
Website www.robertdaws.com Twitter @Robert Daws    Instragram @RobertDawsOfficial

Hobeck:  Website  www.hobeck.net   Twitter: @HobeckBooks Instagram: @hobeckbooks 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hobeckbooks10

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