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I Feel
by DJ Corchin
Rated 4 stars ****

With a publishing date of Nov 2020, it is with thanks to SOURCEBOOKS Kids  that I have been able to review from Netgalley, this positive, interactive book about emotions and feelings. It’s a sure-fire way to being to talk about well-being in a fun, relaxed and interactive way, as there are activities that can be done and plenty of points that can be discussed. It’s a good book to start a dialogue and to allow children to understand a bit more about their emotions and how they feel and more… See below to discover more about the book and my review of the content.

I Feel


Explore the complex world of feelings with the fun and uplifting I Feel… series!

Sometimes I feel happy.

Sometimes I feel sad.

Sometimes I feel angry and want to be bad.

So many emotions. How do I deal?

I need to remember, it’s okay that I feel.

Kids experience countless emotions every day but often don’t know how to recognize, express, or deal with them. I Feel… is a simple, silly book that offers a great way for kids to talk about different emotions and discover it’s all right to feel them all! With fun, witty illustrations and simple, straightforward text, this book makes it easy for kids to identify their own emotions—and have fun too.

I Feel


Emotions, whether they are positive or negative, need to be talked about and I think the world is getting to grips with this in teaching emotional awareness and emotional intelligence and is opening up. I Feel encourages exactly that, through its engaging and interactive activities and discussion openers. It is a book that a teacher, a parent or any adult can sit down with a child and start a conversation about emotions in a relaxed manner. The book mentions all the different type of emotions and isn’t your usual happy or sad. It uses a wider vocabulary such as remorseful, nervous and more. It digs a little bit deeper down in rhyming form. It’s a great discussion piece for children who are ready to expand their vocaularly and think about how they feel and how a certain main emotion may make them feel or act.

The book then delves deeper and asks the reader to look in the mirror. It’s an exploratory exercise of themselves in the way the reader looks when they feel a certain emotion. This doesn’t have to be a negative emotion, it could be a positive. It’s designed to explore whatever emotion is being felt at a particular time.

The book is also designed to help children explore emotional awareness and there’s a practical drawing exercise as well as exercises to create your own book of emotions.

The book has the positive message of telling children that it is “ALWAYS ok to ask someone for help when you are feeling bad”.

The book is published in November 2020.


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