Article of Rodham – Featuring the fabulous -Awfully Opinionated For A Girl totebag @csittenfeld @penguinrandom #Rodham #RandomThingsTours #Photographs #Totebag #Fiction #NewRelease

“Awfully Opinionated For A Girl”

Article of a Totebag and Review of Rodham

After reviewing the briliant new book – Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld, published by Penguin Random House, they decided to gift an absolutely fabulous tote bag, which I thank very, very much. It is such a wonderful and generous gift. I am incredibly pleased with the tote bag and have already used it. I absolutely Love it! It’s a sturdy canvas bag, that is also a very practical, decent size. The quote “Awfully Opinionated For A Girl”, printed on the bag is fabulous.
Thanks to my friend, Vikki Deacon, who was willing to take photos of me. modelling the bag, after my idea, that it would be fun to do a photoshoot and a good way of showing off this wonderful bag.
Once I worked out poses and we discussed locations, the fun was on…
We have a few pics and a small slideshow at the bottom too. A link to the review I published on the book  – Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld can be found below the mosaic of pics. I absolutely recommend this wonderfully fascinating, all captivating book.
We had fun and we hope that you do too.

Rodham Crouching

What I love most about the bag is the quote:

For A Girl”.

Put it this way,
I shown my mother and she smiled and said “oh yes, that’s made for you.” My friend who socially distanced took the photos, happened to agree. The thing is, those who know me, know I have opinions on most things. Lots of opnions. I keep telling my mother it’s the way she brought my brother and I up, to be able to form opinions and to just be generally independent.

Off we went, socially distanced, to a cycle path, that used to be a railway, since I have strong opinons on transport and also walk along this path.

Rodham at bridge

Since I have opinons on trees and have a love of them, we  rambled onto nearby woodland.

Rodham Looking At Sky

Just a few more pics and the review link is below…

Rodham Amongst Trees Rodham at tunnel  Rodham In Bush     Rodham Crouching


Rodham CoverRodham by Curtis Sittenfeld is Available Now!

Click the link to my Review

Thanks again for having me on the blog tour and for the totebag. It all made my day!

rodham Curtis Sittenfeld Author Pic

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