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The Midas Cat 2
By Tommy Ellis
Rated: 5 stars *****

Review written by Louise Cannon

The Midas Cat series is just incredible by Tommy Ellis, a Scottish author who is growing this series he began 2 books ago. It has good humour and is compelling and enthralling, throughout. They have this ability to be unputdownable. The length is perfect for reading in one sitting and this is how I’ve found myself reading them. I highly recommend them if you want some light-hearted fun with twists and turns as there are often the unexpected. The writing that weaves the plot with the humour together is very well done. It’s all cleverly funny. I thank Tommy Ellis for requesting for me to review this book and for (which I’m still smiling about), quoting me on the cover.
Please note, that, like all my reviews, it is non-biased. I saw the cover long after I read the content and wrote my review and rated it.

Do also feel free at popping by his social media page. Tommy was mostly on Facebook, but has recently started to use Twitter. @TommyEllis14. All of the books are available to buy on Amazon

Discover the blurb and review below, but also check out the mysteriousness within the cover art.

MCat2 cover 300dpi WITH COVER QUOTES


Ex-banker Ralph Williams has inherited three million pounds due to a typo in his uncle’s will, and his cousin Rolph wants his money back. Rolph changes his name to Eric and hatches a plot involving the dark web, his neighbour’s 8-year-old son, and a fake midas cat. Follow the hapless pair as the genuine animal inadvertently starts a feud between Ralph and a psychotic loan shark’s dysfunctional family, causes a string of car wrecks and a wild-west-style shoot-out in a Hertfordshire town centre. In part two, Ralph is on the run for murder and has escaped to a secretive police state. He thought testing antidotes for germ warfare recipes and spying on the West was as bad as it got until the midas cat shows up and accidentally sparks an incident bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war!


This book follows on well from The Midas Cat Wears Prada in what is a cleverly funny series. It’s so creative and original. Ralph has since been released from the Psychiatric Unit due to a computer error. He was there due to The Midas Cat. Now he was after the cat that he had bought for his wife, which is the most expensive, elusive cat. He also has his wife to win back, especially now her marriage has to film director – Troy Halliday has imploded.

There is an atmospheric carnival for the week, where there are people dressed up for Hallowe’en. This is where the Midas Cat turns up having its observational fun. There’s also troubled British actress – Lisa Lovelock who is obsessed about Adam Ant.

There’s much humour when readers will meet Jeffrey. It doesn’t matter that he is a psychiatrist and a professor of experimental pharmacology in a prestigious psychiatric unit – Falcon Hall, his mother will always treat him as the son that he is and yell for him to do this and that, as he thinks about what he could possibly do about her constant interruptions. She was a teacher and once a teacher, always a teacher in manner and tone.

There’s a conman on the loose trying to con £3 million out of Ralph, but he really needs that midas cat so he could win back the woman who used to be his wife, as that’s all she ever wanted. He goes to great lengths to do so.

The characters are most definitely creative and original. It’s a book that will uplift your spirits through the humour that is used, but also fill you with intrigue through its twists and turns and unexpected jeopardy.

Ralph reckons if he hadn’t gone along with his wife’s demands, he wouldn’t be tested on for germ warfare antedotes, divorced or on the run for suspected murder. This is probably true and it does leave you feeling kind of sorry for him.

This is a highly original series that I also highly recommend. There are 3 books in total, featuring The Midas Cat, who doesn’t seem all it appears to be, which adds to the book’s mysteriousness. Check out Amazon for The Midas Cat Wears Prada, The Midas Cat – The Harrington Collection and The Midas Cat – Rolph’s Revenge, all of which are very well conceived.

About The Author

Tommy is an author and saxophonist. He’s played alongside Chas and Dave, Mud, The Troggs and Earth Wind and Fire, to name a few. He’s played in a nudist camp where he felt a tad over dressed and had to run away from a gun-toting audience member. He’s also had terrorists threaten to blow up two of his gigs! He is the author of The Midas Cat books; a series of surreal dark humour featuring an Adam Ant loving, talking feline that’s being tracked down by an unscrupulous banker. Think The Pink Panther as if re-imagined by Tim Burton. Available now: The Midas Cat: The Harrington Collection.  The Midas Cat: The Devil Wears Tabby: available as an e book and paperback. The survival of Ralph’s marriage is dependent upon him capturing a hundred million dollar talking cat. Standing in his way, however, is the cat itself, Lord Lucan, an imaginary game show host, and a voodoo death spirit. Follow Ralph into insanity as the cat tears his life apart piece by piece.

MCat2 cover 300dpi WITH COVER QUOTES




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