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Timothy Mean and the Time Machine 2
(and Lucy)
By William AE Ford
Illustrated by Marcelo Simonetti

Rated: 5 stars *****

I’ve been impressed at the calibre of writing and style that’s been coming from award winning author – William AE Ford before in both Timothy Mean and the Time Machine and The Cockatoo from Timbucktoo and this latest is no exception. This series is perfect for primary school children. I’ve read the previous books to classes to great success as they take children on imaginative adventures through time and space, all in rhyme and with computer graphic like pictures that really stand out. There are ways you can make them interactive stories. They are as good as Julia Donaldson’s books.
There are also resources on his website…. See after the review for links to that and his social media and a bit about William AE Ford.

I thank William AE Ford for surprising me with a copy of the book.

Timothy Mean and His Time Machine 2


With Timothy Mean’s amazing imagination and time machine, anything and anywhere is possible!

Join Timothy and sister Lucy on a new magical rhyming adventure in this sequel to the Award Winning ‘Timothy Mean and the Time Machine’ children’s picture book.

Mummies, Gladiators, Cavemen, Albert Einstein, Giant Squids, Leonardo Da Vinci and Aliens make an appearance in this exciting, laugh out loud, time travel escapade.


The escapades start when Timothy Mean has had enough of his Mega Space Anti Alien Laser Gun. The thought of tidying his room isn’t much better. Let’s face it, no one likes to actually tidy their room. Timothy has the perfect antedote to that. His time machine that he created in book 1 is ready for more adventures. Do note that they are also stand alone books as well as part of a series.

I love that the lines that children can tag onto and recite about pushing the button of the time machine are still there. What I’ve found is that children love to create their own sound to this too. These are books where educators could get very creative with and still be within a learning and growing capacity, whilst also expanding imaginations of children and creating a love of reading.

Characters throughout history are discovered from Cleopatra in Egypt, Julius Caesar in Rome, Cavemen and wooly mammoth’s during the Ice-Age, Albert Einstein in a classroom in 1909, King Neptune in Atlantis, Leonardo Da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa and then it’s off to the future and up to Mars where Timothy and Lucy see aliens.

It’s a spectacular book that has a terrific range of subjects within it and rhymes wonderfully well. It has enough fun and detail for children of primary school age, to really get into in each page. I whole-heartedly believe it will feed into their curiosity and humour.

This is one that could easily spark conversations in a classroom or school library setting in the most fun ways.

The illustrations again, produced by Marcelo Simonetti that accompany the story, stand out very well and look very exciting in their boldness of colour and style. Each depicts the story very well indeed.

So all in all, I highly recommend this book and others by William AE Ford, who is shaping up to be an exciting author in this section of children’s books. No longer is he a debut author, but one who is now award-winning and produced a few books and is becoming ever more established in the book world. Children are really enjoying his books.

Social Media Links

Website: www.williamaeford.com
Twitter: @williamaeford


William has always had a passion for books, writing and story-telling.  William’s favourite way to end a cosy evening is to spend time dreaming up and reading bed-time stories to his five wonderful children.

 ‘Timothy Mean and the Time Machine’ and ‘The Cockatoo from Timbuktu’ were inspired by the spark of his children’s colourful imaginations as they tirelessly created unique, laughter filled days from even the most mundane, everyday objects and situations!

Born in England, William  currently lives in Oslo, Norway with his wife and five children.

‘Timothy Mean and the Time Machine’ won the Readers Favourite Children’s Sci-Fi / Fantasy 2019 Award.

‘The Cockatoo from Timbuktu’ is William’s second published picture book. 

Timothy Mean 2 an epic fun-filled, action-packed sequel to the award winning Timothy Mean & The Time Machine has just been released.  

William has been described as an exciting author with his books being in the same calibre as Julia Donaldson. 

“If you are a fan of Julia Donaldson, you will love William A.E. Ford’s books. They are of that calibre. They are packed full of a rhyming story, big and bright illustrations that match the stories and with something that children will take away from them – fun and just enough knowledge along the way. These book are fun to interact with at home, in a library or in school or to curl up with at bedtime. However you like to read books, this is an exciting author I highly recommend” Bookmarks & Stages.

William welcomes enquiries from agents and publishers.

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