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I am hosting a wonderful book giveaway of The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson, courtesy of the author, Penguin Random House and Anne Cater at Random Blog Tours, who I will notify and have the book sent out to the lucky winner.
To enter, can you please click Like and perhaps also a wee follow if on Twitter, as a register of interest on the blog post or on Twitter. I will then choose a winner at random and you will then be contacted for your address details, so we know where the book should be sent to by 7pm, Monday 7th September at the latest.
Good luck everyone!

The book details – blurb and about the author can be found below…

The Year of the Witching Cover


The Handmaid’s Tale meets The Village in this stunning debut from an important new voice in feminist fiction  . . .

Born on the fringes of Bethel, Immanuelle does her best to obey the Church and follow Holy Protocol. For it was in Bethel that the first Prophet pursued and killed four powerful witches, and so cleansed the land.

And then a chance encounter lures her into the Darkwood that surrounds Bethel.

It is a forbidden place, haunted by the spirits of the witches who bestow an extraordinary gift on Immanuelle. The diary of her dead mother . . .

Fascinated by and fearful of the secrets the diary reveals, Immanuelle begins to understand why her mother once consorted with witches. And as the truth about the Prophets, the Church and their history is revealed, so Immanuelle understands what must be done. For the real threat to Bethel is its own darkness.

Bethel must change. And that change will begin with her . . .

About the Author

The Witching Alexis Henderson Author picAlexis Henderson is a speculative fiction writer with a penchant for dark fantasy, witchcraft, and cosmic horror. She grew up in one of America’s most haunted cities, Savannah, Georgia, which instilled in her a life-long love of ghost stories. When she doesn’t have her nose buried in a book, you can find her painting or watching horror movies with her feline familiar. Currently, Alexis resides in the sun-soaked marshland of Charleston, South Carolina.

Year of the Witching BT Poster .png


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