2 Years of Blogging

I have now been blogging for 2 years about books, festivals and theatre. This year has been so different for all of us. I do hope everyone is keeping well, and if you’ve lost someone at this time, then you have my sincere condolences.

2020 has given me so many opportunities that have been beyond my wildest dreams. Who would have thought that I would have had a Zoom chat with Fern Britton (look out for another write-up of one with Cecelia Ahern near the end of the month, on Postscript), or reviewed more from Adam Croft and Robert Daws, or Ruth Jones and Richard Osman and been asked by Joanne Harris herself to review. I certainly had not seen any of that coming and I absolutely take nothing for granted and I realise how lucky I am to have such experiences and, as I have told many an author and the ones I have just mentioned, recently, that I treasure it all. That however is only part of a bloggers life, without readers of my blog, my blog could also not exist, so together the publishers, the authors and all of you who read my blog and/or follow me on Twitter………Thank you because it’s what I write the blog for, is you lot. Yes I love to talk books etc and write about them, but I share also for all of you.

I take time to read and digest a book, talk, theatre show. I couldn’t tell you how long, each is different. I then never post until I am satisfied that it is readable and has everything the blog post needs, such as pics etc. At the heart of it, is everything I mentioned above, so I read over what I write. I re-draft as necessary and then the blog post gets published. It still doesn’t end there. I reply to each message as quick as I can, so it is done in as much of a timely manner as possible.
I am not a professional. I do not get paid, but I do try and keep things as professional as I possibly can because I value who is reading my work and the fact someone has poured their heart and soul into writing or producing a play, a book, a festival, but also to give an honest review.

I have lots more to come on the blog. I have so many exciting reviews, such as Bloody Scotland and being part of a Q&A with Cecelia Ahern. I have another one of Adam Croft’s books I am reading just now for review. I have Kate Humble’s and Nick Hornby’s new books to review and many more…

Thanks again and hopefully I’ll still be around for a 3rd year.

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