Marking 124th birthday of F. Scott Fitzgerald with a trailer with @noexitpress and @michael_f_smith #nicknovel #NickCarraway & #TheGreatGatsby

Today would have been F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 124th birthday. He is most well-known for The Great-Gatsby. I have some exciting news for fans of this book. There will be a prequel to this great classic, published by Exit Press and written by Michael F. Smith. It is simply, yet excitedly, called Nick and will be published in February 2021.
I have information about it and a wonderful trailer, which is a real treat to host on my blog, and a synopsis, early praise for the book, as well as some even more extraordinary news about his books.

The link to download the video is here
(Click on the link above). It will take you to We Transfer, and then click download and either accept or don’t accept cookies (your choice) and enjoy the video. It is atmospheric and has beautiful scenery. It is well worth the watch.


This rich and imaginative novel from critically acclaimed
author Michael Farris Smith breathes new life into a
character that many know only from the periphery. Before
Nick Carraway moved to West Egg and into Gatsby’s world,
he was at the centre of a very different story – one taking
place along the trenches and deep within the tunnels of
World War I. Floundering in the wake of the destruction he
witnessed first-hand, Nick embarks on a redemptive journey
that takes him from a whirlwind Paris romance – doomed
from the very beginning – to the dizzying frenzy of New
Orleans, rife with its own flavour of debauchery and violence.
NICK is an inspired concept realised with delicate,
rhythmic prose, profound characterisation and deep
emotion. Charged with enough alcohol, heartbreak,
and yearning to transfix even the heartiest of golden
age scribes, NICK reveals the man behind the narrator
who has captivated readers for decades.

Early Praise for the book

‘Anybody who believes that the war is                       ‘The new Nick is a man fully realized
over when the enemy surrenders and                       with a mind tormented by the war and
the troops come home needs to read                          by a first love that waned too fast to a
Michael Farris Smith’s masterful new                        fingernail moon of bitter memory…
novel NICK. Its stark, unvarnished                             A compelling character study and a
truth will haunt you’                                                      thoroughly unconventional prequel’
Richard Russo                                                                  Kirkus Reviews


About the Author and Publisher

No Exit Press also publish Michael Farris Smith’s novels Desperation Road, The Fighter
and most recently Blackwood. Farris Smith has been a finalist for the Gold Dagger Award in the UK, and the Grand Prix des Lectrices in France, and his essays have appeared in publications including The New York Times. He lives in Oxford, Mississippi, with his wife and daughters.

All three of his previous novels are set to hit the big screen. THE FIGHTER , going by the screen name Rumble
Through the Dark, is being produced by Cassian Elwes and directed by Parker and Graham Phillips of Phillips Pictures. Elwes has produced over 200 films, including Dallas Buyers Club and the Netflix hit Mudbound. BLACKWOOD, has been optioned to Parker and Graham Phillips, who will direct and produce along with Farris Smith. Phillips Pictures’ debut film The Bygone was released in November 2019. DESPERATION ROAD is currently casting, with Christina Voros of Yellowstone, set to direct.


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