#Bookreview by Lou of A Deeper Song by Rebecca Bradley @RebeccaJBradley #CrimeFiction

A Deeper Song
By Rebecca Bradley
Rated: 4 stars ****

Mysterious characters and a very good paced plot makes for an intriguing plot for A Deeper Song by Rebecca Bradley, the latest DI Hannah Robbins Novel (6th in the series, but can be read as part of the series or as a standalone).
Thanks to Rebecca Bradley, for giving me a copy of A Deeper Song to review.
Follow onto the blurb and full review of this crime fiction procedural book.


How do you fight someone you can’t see?

Detective Inspector Hannah Robbins finds herself on the most perilous case of her career when a young man darts in front of her car. He’s covered in someone else’s blood and has no memory of how he got there.

Digging up the man’s past puts Hannah on a collision course with a dangerous stranger who wants history to remain hidden and who will stop at nothing to keep his secret.

Hannah finds herself in the biggest fight of her life.

Is this finally a case too far?


DI Hannah Robbins is the author Rebecca Bradley’s detective and there is added mystery for them to solve as there is a young man who was knocked over and has been left with no memory. He has been rendered with no real sense of place or sense of identity. Curiously, however, there are links that appear to his past and a historic missing person’s case as there is more to the case than meets the eye as things get deeper and more mysterious. DI Hannah Robbins finds herself right at the heart of trying to solve the case. There are intriguing characters and compelling plot that all builds with suspense and becomes increasingly gripping as the case moves along and builds into a deeper song of life.

The detail within the writing adds to the story and to the evidence and clues, without over-complicating things, making it easy to follow and absorbing. There is however more than just the case of the mysterious young man, there is DI Hannah Robbins estranged sister which all needs dealing with too. It’s often good to see family dynamics at play when there is a family, within crime fiction. What is also shown is the team dynamics and the pressures and strains they are under with the case that brings them so close to a breaking point. The thread between the different components runs smoothly at a very good pace.

Media Link

Website: http://www.Rebeccabradleycrime.com

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