#Review (by Lou)- Even More Trueman And Riley by Brian B. Thompson, @brianbthompson Starring @RobertDaws and #DuncanPreston #Audible #CrimeFiction #TruemanRiley

Trueman & Riley
Starring Robert Daws and Duncan Preston

Created by Brian B. Thompson

I started listening to Trueman & Riley during lockdown 1 and now getting back to it in lockdown 3, in between work. I’ve been savouring it because it is such a fantastically entertaining series, first created for the BBC, with a sensational cast, that can be listened to on Audible.

Written by BAFTA-winning dramatist Brian B. Thompson, this smart, entertaining crime drama stars Robert Daws as Trueman and Duncan Preston as Riley. Written by Brian B. Thompson. Produced and directed by Toby Swift and Jenny Stevens.

Links to previous episode review Chapters 1 – 5             Chapters 7-10

Below is episodes 11-14 reviews and with just a few more to listen to, it’ll be my weekend treat.


Chapter 11

A Man’s World – Back in the office  after a stint in the Student Crime Prevention Team, they back on the front line are on the case of thefts from pregnant women. Eileen Hayes is one of the midwives on duty as the local hospital is under scrutiny, where the crimes are committed.
There is interesting attitudes and points made about equality within employment. It cleverly puts a new slant on things and still most pertinent and an angle rarely talked about, making A Man’s World, not as predictable as listeners would think. There is quite a mammoth twist within this tale.
There are secrets in the midst with one of the women. Listen to find out who is telling the truth in this gripping episode.

Chapter 12

The Other Sheik This is a different start. There is a chase from the beginning for a potential perpetrator. A woman runs a lingerie shop on her own and it’s quite humorous in how she sees Trueman as she is being asked about what happened. It weaves in elements of the topic of objectification. There are some double-entendres and enough to make Trueman, perhaps hot under the collar, or squirm.
There are fires amongst lingeries shops and listeners can find out if or what the connection is and there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Chapter 13

Love Bites  banker boyfriend reports his 32 year old girlfriend missing. The case involves the real world and the virtual one and how people spend money in certain virtual games. The denials and the truth of Trueman and Riley and their thoughts on the virtual reality game is fun as is  how they create and use their avatar selves. It is fun how they use this to help solve the case.

Chapter 14

Every Dog Has It’s Day causes much excitement when the phone rings to report a murder case. It is not what they expect, which makes it funnier, but got to feel sorry for Trueman and Riley. Got to feel sorry for the victim and the brutal killing it endured. It isn’t their usual sort of case, to say the least and Riley wouldn’t mind being in with a person who is attached to the victim, despite not really being a match and Trueman trying to steer him into the mindset of the case, instead of women, or one woman who just happens to be divorced, but one with quite a history attached to her and she isn’t all as sweet as she may first seem. There’s also that age old thing of how married people behave with their husbands when a single person is around.
There’s some quips from Riley back to Trueman too.

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