#Review (by Lou) of Paul McKenna’s Positivity Podcast @ImPaulMcKenna – Rated 5 stars #podcast – A fascinating podcast of interviews about mindset, books, films and more… #PositivityPodcast #Podcast

 Positivity Podcast
Hosted by Paul McKenna
Featuring Various Guests
Rated: 5 stars *****

Positivity Podcast

Paul McKenna is an International Bestselling Author and Hypnotist. He also does online Zoom events and (when times are better, live venue events).
For a good while now, he has been doing a podcast, where he introduces his objective to the podcast, being to interview the most interesting people in the world and get insights to discover how it is they do what they do, what makes them unique and fascinating, their success mindset and what keeps them positive as well as what books they have published. The interviews are more realistic and down-to-earth than you would think, which is a postive in itself. Paul McKenna also has a new book out about changing your life, to add to his collection of many published bestselling books; he also has newspaper articles with practical steps to help reduce stress for adults and children, in national newspapers and online events. He also presents on radio and gives interviews about his latest work on national radio and tv.

As well as interviews on his podcast with well-known celebrities, he has also produced some podcasts that encompass techniques you can try at home – Unlocking Lockdown – Coronaphobia ♦ Unlocking Lockdown – Motivation for Life ♦ Control Stress ♦ Deep Sleep ♦ Stop Comfort Eating ♦ Stay Positive & Happy. All of this can be accessed for Free via this link: https://www.globalplayer.com/podcasts

I am impressed by Paul McKenna’s interview style and the questions and the time and attention he takes with his guests and how much he allows them to speak and really answer the questions. The questions mainly focus around what he knows best and seem formal and serious at times, but there are elements of lightness, that does come from him. His guests sound at ease, which allows listeners to gently ease themselves into the episodes and time passes by swiftly as they are compelling.

Each podcast takes just 30 minutes, which is absolutely perfect for those with busy lives and yet to hear some fascinating insights, which you may not already know about a person. It’s also perhaps, a bit thought-provoking for your own life as well There is something heartwarming and uplifting about these podcasts. As much as most of the questions appear to be the same or similar in the episodes, they are so open-ended that every answer (because everyone has their own individual lives and has different experiences), is where the real interest and unique content is.

He has made many episodes, all of which are still available. I am unsure whether there are more to come or not. Here are just a bit of what you can expect and with whom. I’ve written (with hopefully no spoilers), about 3 interviews Paul McKenna conducted with a sportsman, a dancer/author and an actor.

Positivity Podcast

Gareth Southgate – English Professional Football Manager (Currently for the English National Team  and Former Player).

This is a really lovely, grounded interview, which is just a joy to listen to.

He talks about being optimistic and a high work ethic and building resillience.

He has a new book – Anything is Possible. A set of life lessons, princpals for the journey of life. It is for people for all ages and covers many interests (not just sport). There is the basis for giving hope for the future. The proceeds go to The Prince’s Trust, which is an excellent charity.

Gareth Southgate talks about the dream he had for playing football and having a goal and how he overcame hurdles and obsticals and how he transfers it over to his team and breaking down big goals into something manageable to progress and improve. It sounds a realistic interview and how there are good and bad days and how to overcome the bad days and keeping perspective.

He also talks about who influenced him, which is an interesting mix of people, who created a balance for him.

Paul McKenna talked about how he helped in some of the preparation and how to visualise and getting into a peak state of performance.

He talks of his proudest achievement and what makes him happy and his projections for the future… Listen to find out what this…

Positivity Podcast

Anton Du Beke – Professional Dancer (can be seen on Strictly on the BBC and in theatres) and Author.

He has a new book (now published) A Christmas To Remember. It’s 3rd in the series, but all are standalone. He sets his novels just before the end  2nd World War. The book sounds terrific and is based on what he knows about elegance and dance. He can hear the people speaking and sounds and he can visualise it all. It all sounds opulent.

He has some wonderful advice of not looking back and talks about how he doesn’t plan for 5 years time and instead, looks a week at a time and makes an interesting presumption about his life. There are some great anecdotes and really good wiseness of life. It turns out Anton Du Beke is incredibly wise.

He talks of humble beginnings and it is absolutely fascinating how his parents came together and how they ended up in the UK. He talks about how he came across dancing and what he wanted, but was uncertain of the career path as to how to reach his goal, and yet sounds like he was certain how he wanted to dance.

He talks of internal conflict in being competitiveness and artistic dancing and how he chose which form of dance to concentrate on.

The interview swiftly moves onto character traits and this is possibly the most fascinating, with his sheer determination and optimism.

You can learn something about Anton Du Beke that is very surprising indeed relating to his mindset about his personality and what upsets him and also just how lucky he is, but also who he was starstruck with and how he reacted.

He says not to give up on your dreams. He has some great advice around this and there’s a kindness and warmth around it.

Positivity Podcast

James Cosmo – Actor of many films, tv programmes such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and much more…

He talks about his upbringing in Clydebank, Glasgow and how ordinary it was. He talks of being disinterested in some things and how he came to acting. He also has a wonderful word that it sounds like Paul McKenna himself learns.

James Cosmo talks about his mentors and who inspired him. The answer is very differently to how you may expect.

The way he talks about having a bad day or bad period of his life in such a realistic way and this is one of the things that comes through in the podcasts, is a realistic outlook and optmimism. He talks about growing up and perspectives and being grateful. He talks of his traits and how independent he was and the impact of this and being in tough times and surviving them. Where he gets joy from is absolutely wonderful and moving. They talk about giving and supporting each other and kindness and how nourishing it is.

He talks of his proudest achievement and his view on success, as well as being starstruck. What makes him happy shows him as having a humbleness.

He has just finished working on an audiobook called Hyde – a retelling of Jekyll and Hyde, which is very dark and gothic.
He has a movie coming soon, called Skylines (filmed a few months ago), which is based in a futuristic, dystopian world, which has aliens in it.
You can also find out what Paul McKenna likes to watch on tv, which relates to a show that James Cosmo was in, which is talked of with such fondness, especially the actors James worked with and there is much joviality.

James Cosmo has some lovely advice to give to listeners and how taking one road isn’t always the easiest ones, but can be the best ones to take. He also talks about a question involving younger people.

Discover more at https://www.globalplayer.com/podcast


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