#BookReview of #ChildrensBook – Chocolate Cake For Breakfast by J.L. Humphreys @Jlhumphreys59

Chocolate Cake For Breakfast
By J.L. Humphreys

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Who wants chocolate cake for breakfast? I’m sure a lot of hands will whoosh up. Find out if the girl in the story actually has it or not. Discover where her imagination takes her in this short fun story that has animals, food and the alphabet within it. It’s suitable for pre-school to 5/6 year olds. Find out more in the blurb and my full review. 
Thanks to J.L Humphreys for inviting me to review and for providing the book.

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast


Do you know a child that struggles with reading and learning the alphabet? Do you wish your child would sit with you and enjoy reading? Learning to read starts early and you can instill a love for reading now! Chocolate Cake for Breakfast introduces children to the alphabet through the wild imagination of a little girl envisioning herself as different animals eating tasty treats. Your child will have fun and laugh out loud at the silly animals while learning the alphabet.

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast


This book is fun and educational as it goes through the letters of the alphabet. Imagine having delicious chocolate cake, right in front of you and your mum telling you not to have any!!! This is what happens to the girl in this story. She then shows her wild imagination as she thinks of different animals and what she would eat if she could turn into them.  Each animal and food is in alphabetical order in the story, which is made up of short, sharp, rhyming sentences, most, accompanied by pictures. With the letters of the alphabet also in bold at the top of each page, it will make for a fun way for children to learn it, alongside a humorous story.

About the Author

J.L. Humphreys is the author of the picture books, Pumpkin’s Kitties, Super Sweet Pea, and Chocolate Cake for Breakfast. Humphreys is delighted that she has a job that allows her to teach children to use their imagination and dream big.

Humphreys lives in California with her husband, daughters, dog, and cat. Besides writing, reading, and teaching she is enthusiastic about the outdoors. She enjoys vacationing with her family, swimming, and getting her hands dirty. Her favorite ice-cream is mint-n-chip, her favorite color is blue, and her favorite animal is an elephant.
You can follow J.L. Humphreys on twitter @Jlhumphreys59

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