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On be-half of Simon Van Der Velde – author of Backstories, I am hosting his Backstories Challenge. There’s a brilliant prize to be won…. Read on to find out more and why not give it a try, you may just win…

Find the lost little boy in this story for your chance to win one of three signed, limited edition review copies of the Amazon bestseller, Backstories.

Read through the short story – The Guitar and then sign up for free in the link below in the How To Enter section

The first three correct entrants out of the hat will receive a signed, original review copy of Backstories and a chocolate treat.
Entries Close 11:59pm Saturday 24th April, 2021.

BackstoriesThe Guitar: No doubt about it, he was a bright kid, talented even.
He was quick on his feet and with his mouth too, and he could smack a baseball out of the park. But he was a Jew, and he was short. I mean like really short. The kid was the size of your average third grader when he was twelve years old. When he was taking those first steps towards manhood. When it mattered most.
And this was back in the fifties, with Sinatra top of the charts, John Wayne High and Mighty on the big screen and New York thrusting itself into the heavens, one skyscraper taller than the next. It was a one-size-fits-all sort of time, but it didn’t fit him.
If a girl laughed away down the street, he felt the heat in his cheeks. Even a simple smile was met with squinty-eyed suspicion.
He felt like the whole world was laughing at him, and there was truth enough in that.
The other kids couldn’t resist. Let loose from class they could forget about their failures and rejections, their overbearing fathers and screaming mothers, their secret fears and pigeon chests. For that hour at lunchtime they could be free of themselves, laughing fearlessly while they pushed the little guy around the yard and asked him what he was doing out of kindergarten, or where he’d left Snow White. That was the best one. They banged away at it for months, with raucous
renditions of ‘Hi-ho, hi-ho,’ booming across the yard, reprised with
hums and whistles in the classroom.


Sign up HERE to post your answer and get the full story for free.
The first three correct entrants out of the hat will receive a signed, original review copy of Backstories and a chocolate treat.
Entries Close 11:59pm Saturday 24th April, 2021.



‘Ingenious idea, brilliantly executed’
The Daily Mirror
‘Oh how I enjoyed these stories. A highly original and beautifully crafted collection that
explodes into the reader’s consciousness like fireworks’
Kate Horsley, award winning author of The American Girl
‘Tightly written, technically accomplished, light-footed, wryly ironic and genuinely affecting.
Excellent stuff’
Professor Graham Mort, Director of Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research,
and winner of both the Bridport Prize and The Edge Hill Prize.
‘Backstories opens the door to a world of possibilities behind some of history’s most celebrated
and notorious characters’
Claire Knight, A Knight’s Reads
‘A sparkling collection of stories… each one a uniquely crafted gem’
John Hickman, BAFTA Rocliffe award winning writer
‘A thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking read. The theme is original, the writing
intelligent and every story keeps you on the edge of your seat until the final line. If you want to
know how to write short stories, then read Backstories’
Graham Jennings, Henshaw Press


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