#Review by Lou – Blue The Green Sky by Stuart M. Buck by @stuartmbuck @BrokenSpineArts #Poetry #ContemporaryPoetry

Blue The Green Sky
By Stuart M. Buck

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I read this collection of poems in – Blue The Green Sky in one sitting. It grabs you and whisks you on a journey to a different country, and deep into nature and human nature full of universal themes.
Thanks to Alan Parry at The BrokenSpine for gifting me the book and for being in contact through my “Contact” page on my blog to invite me to review and interview. Follow down to find out a little about him
and my review and at a later date, look out for an interview with Stuart M. Buck to discover even more about what makes him tick and what else you can expect…

Blue The Green Sky pic

About the Poet

Blue the Green Sky is the third poetry collection from Stuart M. Buck, and is the second chapbook to be published by The Broken Spine.

Stuart M. Buck is a writer and artist currently living between the UK and Colorado. When he is not creating himself, he runs the fictional online newspaper The Bear Creek Gazette. His art has been featured in several journals, as well as gracing the covers of several books. Stuart likes to cook, juggle, and listen to music. He suffers terribly from tsundoku  —  the art of buying copious amounts of books that he will never read.


Blue The Green Sky picIntuitive and reflective poems about life, death, nature, humanity with a dose of redemption can be found within these poems. They range from humans to cats and dogs to the smallest insects, such as ants. There are 16 short and sharp poems,with masses of emotion; but what seems quite dark on the surface, sometimes has an underlayer of something that shines a glimmer of light and hope and uplifting in a rather punchy way that brings any surreal demeanour, crashing back down to earth in a moment of divine realism.

There is some humour to be found in “Dear Richard” and an apology in “Ants”. There is love in “A Poem About Everything” that is sure to make your heart soar. You can then be whisked off to Prague and anyone who has been there, will recognise it in a sense. This piece of work is lyrical and will feed on your senses.
Quantum is fun as it casts a shape down in words, but also presents so much, humbling in-depth meaning and love for the universe. There are many more poems to feast your eyes on, with their relatable themes and unexpected twists.

These poems that embrace nature and human-nature will wrap and swirl around you as you read in their surrealist wonderment that simply hooks you into reading them all in one sitting, before wanting to go back and dip in and out of it.

Stuart Buck’s acknowledgements are impressive and in a sense, may also give hope to other budding writers, so do check them out at then end of the book.

Buy Link: https://thebrokenspine.co.uk/product/blue-the-green-sky-stuart-m-buck

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