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The Lies We Tell
By Jane Corry

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Lies We Tell is a great domestic noir of a psychological thriller that you will watch play out. Find out more in the synopsis and my review. Thanks first of all to Adventures With Words for inviting me to the blog tour to review and to Penguin for gifting me the book.


The Lies We Tell Cover‘Everything I love in a book’ LISA JEWELL
‘Leaves you asking – what would I do? Jane Corry’s best yet’ BA PARIS

Sarah always thought of herself and her husband, Tom, as good people. But that was before their son Freddy came home saying he’d done something terrible. Begging them not to tell the police.

Soon Sarah and Tom must find out just how far they are willing to push themselves, and their marriage, to protect their only child . . .

As the lies build up and Sarah is presented with the perfect opportunity to get Freddy off the hook, she is faced with a terrifying decision . . .

Save her son . . . or save herself?


Oscillating chapters between Sarah and Tom, you get a sense of both perspectives on the thought-provoking thriller that plays out.
It questions, what would you do if someone in your family had done something so terrible, so illegal?

The differences in how Tom and Sarah are striking and it shows how funny love can be sometimes and how opposites can attract. Tom is stricter than Sarah’s more relaxed approach and this sometimes puts a strain on their relationship and even more so, now their son, Freddy, has gone off the rails somewhat and committed a terrible crime…. but there’s more and the lies that build started before Freddy. It seems if you need an ace liar, Sarah is you woman. This is far from a cosy, perfect family that happens to have a son who did something terrible, even his parents, especially Sarah had been in on the wrong side of the law before. As you read lies, you also discover truth about this rather messed up family, with the parents being relationship to each other, practically at crisis point. It is such an interesting read of this whole family set-up, where you think it will be in one direction, but goes in quite another. It’s interesting to see the formation of the different personalities and parenting traits quickly come out. It creates quite an atmosphere and one that holds tight to the end.

There is a sinister edge that grows in the book, that leads you to feel it more and see Tom’s distrust of his wife grow. It is, although a psychological thriller, very much and perhaps a bit more so, a domestic noir/ family drama feel, that is full of cause and effect and choices to make.

It is an intriguing read to find out how it all ends, with wayward attitudes and actions. There’s a bit of a change when Freddie reveals what it is that he’s done and Sarah’s more relaxed style is given quite a jolt. This works well as you can see the sobering of her style appears… for a bit. What happens next as things progress, brings a bit of a different feel and it all intensifies, until the end. At the end, it sort of has you linger, wondering just what you might do, if faced in a similar situation.

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