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Poems to Please
By Debbie Milner

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Poems to Please

Debbie Milner has written an uplifting poetry book full of humour, great observations about life and nature with proceeds going to 2 charities – The local Foodbank and Hailsham 95.9 FM, a radio station run locally by volunteers, where they call her their resident poet.
I am excited to say that I have reviewed some excellent poems that are fun, uplifting, atmospherically beautiful. First of all, find out what the author/poet says about her book and then my review and finally a bit about Debbie Milner herself.
Thanks to Debbie Milner for getting in touch directly and requesting a review.

Debbie Milner says “During this ever-changing time, in the last ten months, I have put together some Poems to Please to follow my novella last year. Some of the poems are about love and nature and I hope you will find a lot that will make you smile. Writing has been a great outlet in these challenging times. I have enjoyed doing a podcast and two radio interviews and hope to do another one soon. After being chosen for an entry to The Hailsham Festival 2020 Anthology with Coronavirus days, this gave me a real boost.”


Poems to Please

The poems I have read for review – Lost My Glasses, Again – A River Flows – Pigeons Fly are just the tonic as they are uplifting and packed full of nature and everyday humour. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.
I only had time to review 3, but if these 3 are anything to go by, readers of the whole book are in for a real treat!


Lost My Glasses, Again has a mix of humour and an experience that many people would be able to relate to, rather in a way that Pam Ayres has in her poetry, with humour and sharp observation.

A River Flows comes complete with a beautiful photograph of the river. The poem also brings the river and its nature alive. It is wonderfully observed with its nature and dark undercurrents, bringing atmosphere, beauty and truth.

Pigeons Fly is a small poem, which is amazingly packed full of life and imagery of homing pigeons and makes you care about them, in its own beautiful way.

About the Author

 I am Debbie Milner, a modern day poet, story teller and author of Poems to Please and Grey Days in Naples, my second Novella, but now with a writing course behind me and lots of creative thinking and encouraging words. I think that having great support is very important.
Amy was my character, who in 1977 goes to be an Au-pair in a very different time from the times we live in now and the era I grew up in. I was born in 1960 and I grew up in a leafy suburb of Surrey. My favourite subject was Anthology at school, story writing and also a love of poems.

My first poem was published in a book in 1995, called Growing Up Edited by Andrew Head and called Teen Girl Blues by Deborah Milner. I mainly write love and nature poems. After my poem Coronavirus Days, was published in the Hailsham Festival Anthology in 2020, I set about writing Poems to Please, which after ten months, has just been published in 2021 on Amazon. Some are in rhyme and some are not, but I hope these modern poems including Lost my glasses,Again!, in a simple and effective way, will make you feel positive and some will make you feel joy. Poems to Please has enjoyed great promotions with ‘shout outs’ throughout the day on local radio. I have also followed this with two radio interviews about the book.
The most exciting thing has been working with a lady in America to publish my poem book on Audible next month.

Before that, I wrote a very raw Novella about being a starstruck teenager in the 1970s.

I hope everyone enjoys my Grey Days in Naples and finds something to make them smile. It just so happens that I did travel to Naples about that time too!
I write with a local group and enter poetry contests and before coronavirus, I helped with a little local news guide on my local Hailsham FM radio station.
Walking in fields by the sea with my little dog is also a love of mine along family and friends and popular music.


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