Year 3 of Blogging #blogversary

I’ve been blogging for 3 years now. I couldn’t have done that without your support in sharing my blog/tweets around social media and of course reading it.

Thanks too, to publishers, authors and blog tour organisers who amazingly let me loose on their books and to their events to review.

I have many more books on my review pile. I can confirm I have a couple of books for 2022, so hopefully I’ll still also grab your attention and give you inspiration for what’s out there to read so I can have a 4th year at this. I do not get paid by anyone and I create time to do this in. I do this because, apart from a love of reading and writing, I see it as a way of supporting readers, publishers and authors whenever I can. That’s not to say I rate every book 5 stars, I do not and I also ensure I have a critical eye on things so I can give an honest review and no spoilers (no mean feat), no matter what comes my way.

I started because I was approached by an author (I thought I was having an innocent coffee with) at the Edinburgh Fringe and then a blogger approached me and planted ideas I acted upon for blogging. A friend has informed me lots start off with a book. I started off at Bloody Scotland and the following weekend at Morecambe and Vice Crime Book Festivals because I figured I’d maybe make myself useful and amazingly people read and follow my blog, twitter and facebook pages. This in turn has meant I amazingly can keep a blog going.

Many, many thanks again.

Louise (Lou)
Bookmarks and Stages


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