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The Fairy In The Kettle
By Pauline Tait

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Fairy In The Kettle is sweet for 3-6 year old children by Pauline Tait. Thanks to Random T Tours for inviting me to review. Find out more in the blurb and my review and discover more about this author who lives in Scotland. She has much to offer readers of all ages…

The Fairy In The Kettle cover


Leona knows she is very lucky, she has wonderful friends and family and lives in a beautiful old round cast-iron kettle, a place filled with adventurous fun. Leona fills her days with dancing, listening to music and decorating her kettle.

However, how will Leona and friends cope on one particular wild and stormy evening when the fairy village turns into a nightmare…?


The type is beautiful in purple and goes with what transpires to be very sweet story about a fairy and her home. There is warmth and friendships to be found within the 25 pages, with their large and colourful illustrations, with a plot to keep young readers (3-6 years), enthralled.

There’s the creating of the home in the kettle, the friends Leona has and some dance. Life is good, until a storm hits, creating some tension and trepidation in the plot, until its lovely ending.

It’s short and sweet and is sure to capture the imaginations beautifully of young readers. It’s a great story to be read aloud too, whilst children cosy up to their parents/caregivers etc. It’s sure to give them a lovely warm fuzzy ending by the end of the entertaining story.

About the Author

Pauline Tait Author PicPauline is a multi-genre author, living and writing in Perthshire, Scotland. Having worked as a pharmaceutical technician for over twenty years and then in primary pupil support for learning, Pauline is now enjoying writing full time.

Her writing spans the ages as she writes both adult fiction novels (Romantic Suspense/Second Chances) and children’s picture books for 3- to 8-year-olds.

Writing has allowed Pauline to reach out and encourage children through her school and library visits and bookshop and festival events. She is passionate about children’s futures and welcomes opportunities to encourage children in their own reading and writing.

Married with two grown up children, Pauline also has a passion for cooking, travel and photography.

Fairy in the Kettle BT Poster


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