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By Sarah Cox

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thrown is hard to let go. It’s full of heart and excellent plotlines that quickly hooked me . Check out the blurb and my full review below.
Thanks to the publisher Coronet, imprint of Hodder and Staughton for allowing me to review.

Thrown, Sara Cox, Till the Cows Come Home, BBC Radio 2, Between the Covers, celebrity, big books


Thrown By Sara CoxBecky: a single mum who prides herself on her independence. She knows from painful experience that men are trouble.
Louise: a loving husband, gorgeous kids. She ought to feel more grateful.
Jameela: all she’s ever done is work hard, and try her best. Why won’t life give her the one thing she really wants?
Sheila: the nest is empty, she dreams of escaping to the sun, but her husband seems so distracted.

The inhabitants of the Inventor’s Housing Estate keep themselves to themselves. There are the friendly ‘Hellos’ when commutes coincide and the odd cheeky eye roll when the wine bottles clank in number 7’s wheelie bin, but it’s not exactly Ramsay Street.

The dilapidated community centre is no longer the beating heart of the estate that Becky remembers from her childhood. So the new pottery class she’s helped set up feels like a fresh start. And not just for her.

The assorted neighbours come together to try out a new skill, under the watchful eye of their charismatic teacher, Sasha. And as the soft unremarkable lumps of clay are hesitantly, lovingly moulded into delicate vases and majestic pots, so too are the lives of four women. Concealed passions and heartaches are uncovered, relationships shattered and formed, and the possibility for transformation is revealed.


Thrown is full of heart and is unputdownable!
This is an excellent debut in terms of writing fiction. I must say, the calibre of writing style and plot is excellent and it’s highly engrossing with entertaining pockets of humour.

Set between an estate and a pottery class, there are some wonderfully absorbing characters to meet. It  captured my heart from the start. It’s heartwarming and delving deeper, so keenly observed. It’s pretty hard to put down once you’ve picked this book up, it’s fabulous for some escapism, with characters who are easy to get drawn into.

Gorgeously, the chapters alternate between Becky, Louise, Jameela and Sheila. Readers can really get to know them and their friendships and that between Jameela and Sheila is particulary lovely. Louise is also a good character to get to know, bit biased I guess, since it’s my own name, but honestly, without bias, she is, with her attitude and relationship issues as it’s easy to look on and reckon she has it all, but all isn’t quite like that. I love her determination to carry on in the face of adversity when things in the job hunt aren’t quite all going to plan.
Becky knows all too well how relationships can be and her strong independent attitude really comes through.

There’s also elements of sadness to tug at the heartstrings, as Martin is introduced. His mum has dementia. The portrayal of him is seeringly accurate and emotional.

At the pottery class there are trials and tribulations as things get a little fraught to say the least in the arty, creative bubble, as well as the forging of friendships.

I highly recommend Thrown and I am absolutely now hoping that Sara Cox writes another book.

Thrown, Sara Cox, Till the Cows Come Home, BBC Radio 2, Between the Covers, celebrity, big books Thrown, Sara Cox, Till the Cows Come Home, BBC Radio 2, Between the Covers, celebrity, big books Thrown, Sara Cox, Till the Cows Come Home, BBC Radio 2, Between the Covers, celebrity, big books  Thrown, Sara Cox, Till the Cows Come Home, BBC Radio 2, Between the Covers, celebrity, big books

About The Author

Sara is known and loved by millions of Radio 2 listeners, where she presents the Sara Cox Show 5-7 pm. She has also hosted Sounds of The 80s and steered the helm of her own nightly Radio 2 show.
She cut her teeth on Radio 1 and presented The Breakfast Show for 4 years, reaching 8 million listeners.

Sara currently hosts the popular weekly TV book programme Between the Covers on BBC2. Her most recent TV work includes The Great Pottery Throwdown (BBC2), Back In Time… (BBC2), and BBC2’s dating series Love In The Countryside.

Her memoir, Till the Cows Come Home (2018), was a Sunday Times bestseller.

Sara’s TV career began with The Girlie Show, and she’s gone on to present numerous shows for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. She is a regular co-presenter of Radio 4’s Loose Ends and has written columns for the Mirror and Guardian.

Sara’s latest TV project is Britain’s Top Takeaways, due to air on BBC 2 in 2022.


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