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Festival In Time
By Tracey Scott – Townsend

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Today I have a review of Festival In Time, a book that mixes waxing lyrical with the harshness of life and politics.



At the Great Western Express Music Festival in Bardney, Lincolnshire, 16 year old Annette Woods abandons her sisterly responsibilities in favour of a tryst with Justin, an up-and-coming folk musician.

Meanwhile 13 year old Janie has a public meltdown, unwittingly instigating a racially-motivated attack on her new friends by the on-duty constabulary.

The injustice inspires Justin there and then to change his career path from music to politics.

Fast forward more than forty years.

Annette and Janie are called home to Lincolnshire to look after their sick mother. There they unearth childhood resentments but also prove the indelibility of their bond, when Annette makes a reckless choice that turns out to be the best thing for both sisters.

For Justin Citizen, too.

Now the Leader of the Opposition, his recurring dreams of an island of sanctuary are propelled into action when a provocative news headline prompts him to make a momentous decision of his own. That same headline is the catalyst that finally brings him back together with Annette, the girl at the festival who he has never forgotten.

Festival in Time explores how home can turn out to be something different than what we imagined, how family is not always put together traditionally, and how politics can be pursued in ways other than on the Party tour bus.


Festival In Time is a curious book, even from the cover, it mixes music and a vintage feel, then peel back the cover to reveal both the 1970s and 2022. It is a bit of a study, in part of the premise on how events in the characters youth had an impact on how they behave and essentially who they become as they become adults.

It may be festival time and there is music, waxing lyrical to this, with family and friendship, love in the mix, stirred together with politics.

The book is perhaps a bit of  slow-burn with the writing style, but it becomes more engaging in time as you get to know the characters. Then, just when engaged enough, it makes you sit up even more as it becomes apparent not everyone is who they first seem. It goes to show what 1 newspaper article can do to reputations and how it can lead to a string of revelations.

This is a book you’ll want to read to discover relatable events and what secrets people hold.


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