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Clean Sweep
By E.B. Lee

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I am delighted to be on the blog tour for Clean Sweep. A poignant book with great themes.

Retirement was supposed to bring her time to paint. Instead, she would find a purpose.

Carli Morris is ready for her next chapter. Selling her Madison Avenue ad agency for billions, the self-assured career woman pursues her love of art and spends her spare hours volunteering. But her comfortable confidence turns to horror when a routine food delivery to a homeless encampment leads her to discover one of its residents dead and her two dogs orphaned.

With the heartbreaking incident reopening the wounds of Carli’s tragic past, she makes it her mission to find the lost soul’s family and re-home her canine companions. And the deeper the former marketing genius gets involved as an outreach worker, the more she is convinced that the answer to her family’s own sorrow lies on these very streets.

As she learns to truly see human beings she had previously treated as invisible, will Carli at last find her own peace?


The themes are what interested me most of volunteering spare time (which in turn becomes “so called spare time” as I also volunteer, so I know all too well, it isn’t really spare time, more a dedication to helping others and spare time becomes that small bit of time on holiday. The theme of social injustice and homelessness is also interesting and really gives a sense, certainly on a level about what it is to live life and try to survive on the streets. As Carli becomes more involved, the more intensely she begins to think of her own life. It’s well written and readers can see the change in Carli as she realises there were humans she would frequently ignore, namely those people on the streets, who can be treated as though they are invisible. It’s also a book about rediscovering self and personal growth. It’s interesting to see that there is a patch of life where Carli seems to of had it all, but really harbours tragedy in her past.

The themes are what really seems to drive this book and takes readers into streets not often explored and coupled together with Carli’s life, becomes poignant. It also explores the sacrifices made when supporting others and Carli certainly sacrifices a lot of her own personal needs.

It’s a book that will touch your heart and soul and consider what you do in your life and the people you may meet and how you handle them, interact with them and how you handle that balance in life when volunteering a lot of time.


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