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One Last Gift
By Emily Stone

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Today I am on the blog tour for One Last Gift, which is a beautiful story of loss, love, discovery and hope. Time to join the treasure hunt and discover wonderful characters. First, how about discovering the blurb and my review below… There is a real prize to be won, of which I wish you all luck. See details after my review to enter and also to get today’s clue… collect and solve them all and try for the amazing prize. The virtual treasure hunt is run by the author and publisher.


For as long as Cassie can remember, it had been the three of them: Cassie, her big brother Tom, and Tom’s annoying best friend Sam.

Now, Tom is sorted, Sam is flying high, and Cassie thinks she’s figured it all out. Then tragedy happens and three become two.

For Cassie picking herself up seems unimaginable. Until she finds an envelope addressed to her, asking her to follow the trail to one last gift…

And suddenly what seems like an ending leads Cassie to something unexpected, beautiful and new…

Take an unforgettable journey from London to the Hamptons to the south of France…


The book’s tagline is – “What if you lost someone you loved… Then discovered a trail leading you to one last gift?” It sounds like a movie trailer. It wants you to peak inside and then read and read in all its beautiful and yet bittersweet glory.

There is Cassie, Tom and Sam. Tom is Cassie’s brother and took care of her and you see that sisterly, brotherly love come through, even 4 years later from when the book starts. They had Linda on their side when they were younger and was like a mother to them. She also has a best friend, Hazel.

The three that had come through so much sadly becomes 2. There had been a love of treasure hunts and here for one last gift, left behind by the one who goes away, never to be able to return, had one more treasure hunt planned out, ready to be done. This treasure hunt brings with it some discovery and even through grief, the determination and strength to do it and what’s more, to continue, even when it feels hard. I really like this strength of character and to still live life, fulfill the desires of those who have died, even though grieving. For me, it is identifiable, for others the book may be inspirational.
It all becomes quite the adventure from London to the Welsh mountains to the French cottage.

The book is endearing and heartwarming and filled with love, self-discovery and romance. It is a gorgeous book for Christmas.

Prize Details


This is a toddler’s word for sure,

Or one we use when immature…

As mentioned above the author is running a treasure hunt as part of the blog tour to win a voucher for Dinner Bed and Breakfast at Gravetye Manor – https://www.gravetyemanor.co.uk/. It’s a 4 star luxury country hotel in Sussex, and the restaurant is Michelin starred! It is the hotel which is featured in One Last Gift – I won’t say anything in case you haven’t read it, but if you have read it, hopefully you’ll know which hotel I mean – it’s a key moment for Cassie and Sam’s journey!

Each day, there will be a clue to solve – that clue will lead to a word. So if you solve the clue on day one, you’ll end up with one word, day two, two words, etc. There are 11 words in total, for the 11 days of the blog tour  – so at the end, everyone who’s figured it out will have an 11-word sentence. 

To enter, after you’ve got the sentence from all the clues at the end of the blog tour, people should email publicity@headline.co.uk with the subject header ONE LAST GIFT TREASURE HUNT and the answer to the clue (the sentence) in the body of the email. The deadline to enter is the end of October. The winner will be chosen at random, and have the voucher emailed to them. If you have space to include details on how to enter on the post, that would be great. 


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