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Wolf Pack
By Will Dean

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Today I am delighted to be on the blog tour for such an immersive Scandi-Noir that is Wolf Pack, that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to solve the crime. Thanks to Random T. Tours and publisher Point Blank for inviting me to review and for the book. Discover the blurb and my whole review below…



When there’s a pack on the hunt, nobody’s safe…
After the traumatic events of the past year, Tuva is back as deputy editor reporting for the
Gavrik Posten, but her world will never be the same.
A closed community
Rose Farm is home to a group of survivalists, heavily armed and completely cut off from the
outside world.
A missing person
A young woman, Elsa Nyberg, goes missing within the perimeter of the farm compound.
Can Tuva talk her way inside the tight-knit group to find her?
A frantic search
As Tuva attempts to unmask the culprit, she gains unique access to the residents. But soon
she herself is in danger of the pack turning against her. Can she make her way back to safety
and expose the truth?
Will Dean’s most heart-pounding Tuva Moodyson thriller yet takes Tuva to her limits, both
professionally and in her personal life. Can she, and will she, make the right choice?


Open to the first page and a silent gasp was let out. This Scandi-Noir set in Gavrik and Visberg in Sweden already feels darkly immersive. The opening is in what seems scenic, but this beauty has a rawness that cuts any thoughts of even momentary serenity. It almost throws you straight into something bloody, like he’s already setting up the reader for something even deadlier and cruel.

Tuva Moodyson has a case on her hands to solve with Thord and Chief Björn.
Elsa Nyberg is reported as being missing and chillingly, Rose Farm has quite the history of deadly things happening there, involving a family. The farm itself is shrouded in a dark atmosphere and mystery that is on the edge of your seat stuff. Tuva herself suggests it is like a commune. As for Elsa, people assume she has taken off as it isn’t the first time she has ran off and on the whole, don’t seem too concerned, except this time it is very different from before, even Chief Björn is subdued and the police are concerned as proceedings develop.

The tension within the book just keeps notching up a gear. It’s very hard to put down because Will Dean’s created a story that just makes you want to read with no stopping and it keeps you guessing as there are a few possibilities with there being suspicious characters around.

It isn’t often that I read Scandi-Noir, but when an opportunity to review Wolf Pack appeared I just knew I had to go for it. I am so pleased I did. This is one of the best Scandi-Noir authors I’ve read in a while. This book was fabulous from start to finish. It is a sharp page-turned.
Whether Scandi-Noir is your go to genre or you’ve never picked one up before, I wholly recommend Wolf Pack.



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