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A Cosy Christmas Vet
By Eliza J. Scott

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m reviewing A Cosy Christmas with the Village Vet, thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me onto the blog tour for this Christmas idyll.


It’s the most magical time of the year! Will Brogan and Nick find the happiness they crave so they can celebrate the festive season?

Christmas has always been a special time for Brogan, especially since her move to her grandparents’ smallholding. Set near the picturesque village of Lytell Stangdale in the middle of the North Yorkshire Moors, it’s an idyllic location. But with the loss of her beloved grandparents still raw, she’s struggling to find her festive spirit.

Talked into going to a wedding by her friends, Brogan finds herself sitting next to a rather handsome stranger. Thinking she’ll never seen him again, she dusts off her flirting skills and lets her fun-loving side loose.

Newly single Nick Heuston was dreading going to his friend’s wedding. But a chance encounter with a woman with captivating green and eyes makes him think otherwise. He’s gutted when she disappears without leaving any way for him to contact her.

Telling himself he needs a break from relationships, Nick intends to focus all his attention on his job as a vet at a new practice. It proves easier said than done; he just can’t get Brogan out of his mind.

Meanwhile, Brogan’s been looking forward to starting her new job as a vet nurse at the new local practice.

On their first day at Danskelfe Veterinary Surgery, both are stunned when they come face-t0-face once more – something Nick seems very happy about, but Brogan’s not so sure.

Despite her reluctance, it would seem fate is keen to push them together, and Brogan finds her feelings for Nick growing. As for Nick, the more he gets to know Brogan, the more he finds himself falling for her.

Just when their romance looks ready to bloom, something or someone seems to get in its way.

Will Christmas work its magic? Or are Brogan and Nick destined to be nothing more than a brief encounter?

Why not join Brogan and Nick, together with their canine companions Wilf and Maudie – and all the familiar Life on the Moors characters – for a heartwarming, festive trip to the moors?


This is a cosy book set in Yorkshire. It has community, romance and all the spirit of Christmas going on in it. It is an easy-going, snuggle up tight and warmly kind of book and let your mind drift into this kindly community, with its Christmas spirit and easygoing chat and banter.

There are sparks of romance when Brogan, looking forward to her new job posting as a vet, had seen a stranger she never counted on seeing again, but then all of a sudden, around her new practice, there he is.

There are tensions here and there, but ultimately it’s got that uplifting Christmas feel.


One thought on “#BookReview By Lou of A Cosy Christmas With The Village Vet By Eliza J. Scott @ElizaJScott1 #ChristmasRead #Uplifting #ContemporaryFiction @rararesources

  1. Ohhhh definately want to pick this up!! I love books starring in the animal world, and involving people with a « grinch » side like me is even better 😅 I can definately relate!


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