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Celebrating Erica James
By Louise (Lou)

As part of my blog in 2023 until it reaches 5 years old in September, I will be celebrating an author or publisher every so often. Join me as I celebrate works of Erica James. Beyond, just a small number of the over 20 books she has successfully had published is a short intro and then 2 featured books with links to the full reviews, and a write up of one of the talks she gave virtually.

Erica James has successfully had over 20 books published and are bestsellers and many are Sunday Times Bestsellers and even won awards. She also has a podcast which can be accessed via her Website  which includes sections on her books and a candid part about being a writer. When Erica James is no writing, she has other passions, such as her garden. Here is a link to more about her in a candid talk she gave online that I wrote up: Event Write Up
I have had the privilege of reading and reviewing 2 of her books since starting my blog, but actually I’d read a few prior to writing a blog and enjoyed them, such as A Breath of Fresh Air, The Real Katie Lavender, The Hidden Cottage and Swallow Tail Summer to name but a few. After a few years of writing my blog, I got the opportunity to review Letters of The Past and Mothers and Daughters. There will be a new book published this year too called A Secret Garden Affair


Letters From the Past is an intriguing book where secrets are uncovered in the 1960s from the late 1930’s into the 1940’s.
The book delves into the RAF and Bletchley Park and then some of the glamour of the 1960’s as well as the times when there was a deal with Australia for UK citizens to move there.

There are great characters to get to know and a wonderful mix of historical facts amongst the captivating fictional story.

Discover the blurb and review- Letters From The Past

Mothers and Daughters has warmth and wit as well as some pretty dark themes. It is an intriguing and gripping as family secrets are uncovered. The dynamics of the characters brings a depth that makes it compelling to read on and on as you get to know them very well…

Discover the blurb and full review – Mothers and Daughters

Coming in 2023 – A Secret Garden Affair


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