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      Review of “Seeing God Through the Camera Lens”

by Lynn Hayter

Rating 5 stars *****


                                                               About the Author

Lynn Hayter

* Lynn Marina Hayter isn’t the name that trips off everyone’s tongues of a viewer, although you will have seen her in many films & on your TV screens. It however, does when it comes to the world of acting, as she built up her reputation within this field and is very much sought after.
Lynn Hayter has been in this career for over 20 years. She works in Supporting roles/Speaking roles and Extra roles on both our tv screens and film from everything from EastEnders to Holby City to Call the Midwife to Star Wars. This is a very small list from her CV. She has also on been in main roles. She is Christian by faith and has combined acting and her Christianity in one book, titled: “Seeing God Through the Camera Lens”.


                                                                              Author’s Note and Blurb

Lynn H book

“I hope you enjoy my stories and photos from my ‘other’ life. Dressing up as a child was never like this, nor was life. But no matter how you dress anything up, you have an interesting journey. Maybe some of the words here will make your journey easier.”

“Little did I know, 20 years ago, that I would have a career in film and television. Little did I know, 28 years ago, that God would use me in very simple, yet profound ways in such a secular industry. If God can use me, He can certainly use you. I hope the few stories that I have handpicked out from thousands will help you see God in your life, no matter how mundane or fancy your life is. If you let God in He  will use you.”                                                             

                                                                          The Review

The book leads the reader through stories and photos of Lynn Hayter playing many roles and is split into 16 sections, each only a couple of pages long and is a short book at 39 pages. It contains a short glossary for anyone to refer to, to provide extra understanding of some of the terms used on film sets. It may be small, but it packs a lot of quality content in about her faith and her life as an actor.

The book’s introduction gives an insight into how Lynn got a passion for film & tv. Beginning  when she was young, getting her first role in Roy Castle’s Record Breakers. She was part of the longest chorus line in the world at that time, aided by Bonnie Langford and Christopher Biggins. It was to be the first of 3 times she got into the Guinness Book of Records. Nowadays she gets many roles within some of the biggest, well-known tv dramas and films (as mentioned previously), working alongside some of the most well-known actors in showbiz.

Within each section of the book, Lynn has entered a few photos of herself in many roles -out on shoots, all dressed-up and ready for Action!!! This however is not a picture book. It has very interesting written content about being on sets and even some advice for budding actors. There is a real sense that Lynn wants people to do well in their careers, since she writes about some of the pitfalls  to watch out for. This is an actor/writer who has learnt a lot over the years and is willing to share with those thinking of entering into or are already established within the profession. She is also not afraid of writing about the realities of filming. It really does give a true insight into, not just her work (although it is about her), but this type of career in general.

Through the interesting and informative acting side of her life within the book, Lynn always shows how thankful and grateful she is to God, as well as her entire career path. This is carefully, but deliberately weaved through the pages of her acting career. There are quotations from the Bible that are poignantly interwoven with what is being said about her work and with fuller explanations. I feel she has the balance just right.

It is not a preachy book. There is no “fire, hell and brimstone”. You get the feeling that Lynn wants people to feel comfortable reading about how she finds Christianity is truly a huge part in her life and how, when she is filming, she knows God’s presence and sees the opportunities she has had and is grateful and thankful for. She also shares about how she sees God’s presence every day and explains how opportunities arise to begin conversations about her faith, pray for people or just be a listening ear. Lynn has clearly put thought and effort into making her book accessible to all. It offers encouragement and not in a fearful way. For those unsure how to build a relationship with God, she has added  about prayer and how she prays in many different places.

Overall the book is an informative and fascinating read, with photographs, anecdotes, insights and Bible quotes, all in a seamless pattern of acting work followed by how this and her faith works as one in her life. It is a very good debut non-fiction book.

* With thanks to Lynn Hayter for providing me with her photograph and allowing me to use it in my blog.


Seeing God Through the Camera Lens
39 pages
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Price £4.99 plus P&P (ALL proceeds to Macmillan Cancer & The Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Foundation)
ISBN 978 – 0 – 9544814 – 3 – 8