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Kith and Kin A Graphic Novel
By Sally Cantarino, Brittany Matter and Heather Ayres
Rated: 4 stars ****

I am so pleased and enthused to present a review of part of Kith and Kin – Spitting Image. I got chatting to Brittany Matter who is a journalist and has work published in award magazine Image+ and her work can be found on as you’ll see in the part about the authors. It works best when looked at horizontally on your screens.  It has already been published by Vanderbilt University’s Nashville Review publication, NR31!

Below you will see the blurb, the review and I have been given permission to share with you, the link to the strip itself for free Vanderbilt University’s Nashville Review. The link can be found after my review as can more info about the people involved in Kith and Kin.


Spitting Image follows immortal twins as they process the implications of an eternity spent together and how they will exert their individuality through any means necessary.




From the imagery to the wording at the end is powerful and, especially the wording at the end, is all so poignant. Follow the main character in the understated and yet scenes that tell the story so clearly, in black and white, from the house and all that is seen inbetween, down a path to a graveyard. The images inbetween and the end depict what eternal life may be like. Spitting Image may be short, but it is thought provoking as tells a tale that depicts family and memories and was even better than I first thought. As you can look at it now for free, using this link Graphic Novel  why not give it a go?! You will be able to read it horizontally, which is when this is at its best.

About the Creators

 Sally Cantirino is a comic artist and illustrator from New Jersey, currently living in Philadelphia, PA. Her recent work includes “Last Song” from Black Mask Studios, “We Have To Go Back” with Jordan Alsaqa, and illustrations for “Protest Singer” and “Cobwebs” from World Champ Game Co. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram Twitter account is @thisquietcity

Brittany Matter and Heather Ayres are, by day, journalists who cover the release of upcoming comics, and, by night, comic book writers seeking to tell their tales through the medium they love. Their comics journalism has been published in the award-winning magazine IMAGE+. Find more of Brittany’s writing on
Twitter link is  @brittanymatter