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Swop The Satsuma-Sized Secret
by Lucy Noguera
Cover Reveal

Today I have a Cover Reveal. Meet Swop, he’s a dog who is the size of a satsuma, and his owner Eric. Find out what they get up to in a feelgood book with humour and positivity. Check out the themes, cover and blurb for this middlegrade book for ages 7-9 as well as the bookshops this is available from.


Friendship         Adventure         Family         Deaf sibling           Sign Language           Acceptance



Satsuma Sized Secret LBT 6Satsuma Sized Secret LBT 5What would you do if you found the world’s smallest dog? 

When Ernie and his family leave the countryside to move to the city. Ernie feels like he’ll never settle into their new home.

Yet on his very first night, a surprising new friend introduces himself – Swop is a very tiny dog. A dog that just happens to be the size of a satsuma.

Ernie vows to keep Swop a secret, but Swop has other ideas and he’s determined to make Ernie’s first day at his new school a memorable one!


About The Author

An ex-primary school teacher and Teacher of the Deaf. I now run a small educational company, specialising in arranging book projects and theatre events for schools and families. I live with my husband, our three children and our three dogs in Ealing, London. Yet the one in charge is our little ex-street dog, even though he has no eyes and three legs. He also happens to be called Swop!

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A Ship of Shadows Adventure – Secrets of the Stars
by Maria Kuzniar

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Follow the Secrets of the Stars and hop aboard The Ship of Shadows in this riproaring, swashbuckling adventure, that is also about teamwork and friendship. This is the second in the series, the first is Ship of Shadows. So steer on down the blurb and review, not forgetting the magnificent cover that is sure to entice you in.
Thanks to Random Things Tours for inviting me to review on this blog tour and to Penguin for gifting me the book, in return of an honest review.

Secrets of the Stars 3D Book


Secret of StarsAdventure Fiction for Children (age 9 – 12 years)

Aleja and her fellow pirates are eager to embark on a new adventure to find the second piece of the missing magical map. But they soon find themselves panicking, bewildered by a series of confusing clues. And time is running out – fast.

When she starts experiencing strange visions, Aleja realizes that someone is trying to tell her something. But can this new knowledge be trusted? And what will it cost her to find out?

With the crew’s loyalties tested and more secrets to unlock than ever, Aleja must find a way to beat the clock and prove herself truly worthy of her place on the ship’s crew . . .


Catching up with this series and its main character – Aleja is a delight. Middlegrade/J2 readers, will enjoy being captured in such a sumptuous and rich adventure. There’s a terrific map at the start, showing Croatia, The Maldives, India, Lhasa, China, Shanghai and Melaka; which gives you a fair idea where this adventure will take intrepid young readers and Aleja alongside Frances, our explorers, who are on a mission, that isn’t without its dangers. It’s immersive and has an energy and enchantment that you may expect and desire from such an adveture.

It starts in Croatia at a great carnival that has colour and life about it. Readers first see Aleja being a fox for this, with Frances. There, looming, is The Ship of Shadows – a ship full of magic, embodies an air of mystery and captained by pirate – Captain Quint, who will stop at nothing.

The book also oozes with an air of mystery and excitement. There is also something mysterious happening to one of the explorers to do with shadows and hallucinations. There are strange puzzles to work out, to fathom and everyone has to work together to solve them and treasures to seek and to get themselves out of harms way.
There’s also the problem of time not being on their side and the formidable Pirate Lord and his vast crew to contend with, that adds to the trepidation.

There are other, perhaps more subtler and nonetheless important themes of friendship and empathy and some life challenges to overcome.

On a side note, it may make you want to eat cake by the sea.

Secrets of the Stars is even better than the first in the series, although that was needed to get everything established. There’s so much to feast your eyes upon and it is even more of a page turner. This is a series I highly recommend to collect and read as each book emerges from the depths of the sea and into your hands.

FINAL Secrets of the Stars BT Poster

#BookReview by Lou – Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls – 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed The World By Elena Favilli #100ImmigrantWomen #ChildrensNonFiction

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls –
100 Immigrant Women Who Changed The World
By Elena Favilli

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This is an interesting, informative book and the latest in this series, which is good for dipping in and out of for Middle Grade readers, no matter where you’re from or your ethinicity or background, there is something for everyone. 


Goodnight StoriesThe latest installment in the New York Times bestselling Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series, featuring 100 immigrant women who have shaped, and will continue to shape, our world.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World is the third book in the New York Times bestselling series for children. Packed with 100 all-new bedtime stories about the lives of incredible female figures from the past and the present, this volume recognizes women who left their birth countries for a multitude of reasons: some for new opportunities, some out of necessity.

Readers will whip up a plate with Asma Khan, strategize global affairs alongside Madeleine Albright, venture into business with Rihanna, and many more. All of these unique, yet relatable stories are accompanied by gorgeous, full-page, full-color portraits, illustrated by female artists from all over the globe.

Goodnight Stories


This series of books have been taking the UK by storm. Children have been lapping these non-fiction books up. This is the latest in this series. It takes a look at 100 immigrants across the world who have wide and varied occupations, such as chefs, psychoanalysts, sports people, fashion designer, artist, actress/songwriter, paralympian, journalists, politicians, writers, spies, scientists and many more… who have acheived greatness in some form or another. It’s a biographical book, that presents itself in some ways as a bedtime story would, with “Once Upon a Time” in its narrative, before presenting itself in the normal nonfiction way with its facts, which are not too dense, making this a good read for children and they can enjoy dipping in and out of at leisure.

It is well organised with the person’s name and date of birth and death, what they’ve achieved, sometimes how or what event in their lives inspired them to do something that no one had invented or to bring something new to a particular industry, a bit about what went on in their lives aside from this and where they immigrated to. Some names may be more familar than others, such as Anna Wintour – Editor of Vogue for example, being pretty well known around the world for fashion. It also introduces children to people who are immigrants, who they might not be aware are an immigrant to a particular country.

Perhaps less well-known to children may be Chinwe Esimai – Financial Executive, but she also has something important and positive to say too. Whether you’ve heard the names or not, this book is positive in their own experiences to pass onto younger generations. It is perhaps even better that there is a whole variety of people from across the world and occupations mentioned. They’re all high-flyers who, in their own unique ways, can be seen as positive role models. What it doesn’t show however, and this series doesn’t particularly, is how people don’t always make it to the top of their career or become famous for something, but can still be a role model and still do well in life. Going back to the positive, it does however, demonstrate that people do have opportunities no matter where you’re from or your ethinicity or background. you may well come up with an amazing original idea or be someone who either lots of people or a few people look up to and be an inspiration to someone, no matter who you are or what your background is.

For many children, this book will provide inspiration and show that they can aim for something positive in their lives and that not everything has to be seen as a barrier. It shines with postivity instead of being full of negativity. It’s a book that feels informative, enlightening book.

It will provide children with aspiration and inspiration and shows a positive light. It shows that change can sometimes happen and has been for centuries. The people in this book are from the present and past times, each one with a few short paragraphs with a quirky illustration of them and quote.

#BookReview by Lou – Zoey The Smart Donkey by Sugandha Arora Illustrated by Soumyajit Dasgupta @sugandhaaiesec #ChildrensBook #PictureBook #Families

Zoey The Smart Donkey
by Sugandha Arora
Illustrated by Soumyajit Dasgupta

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Cute, short and rhyming for your little ones, Zoey The Donkey is available now. Thanks to Sughanda Arora for inviting me to review and gifting me a copy of the book. Discover more in the blurb and review below.

Zoey The Donkey


This story is an inspirational journey of Zoey and how she smartly defies the norms to be whom she wants to be. Find out what Zoey chooses to be, if not a donkey…


 It tells a rhyming story about a baby donkey called Zoey, who realises that she just might not be like the other donkeys. She meets a monkey and a magical transformation occurs…

It’s a short book that would be nice for a bedtime story. It is short and quick, with just a few lines per page, with big, bold illustrations, which makes it fun for pre-school children, including babies and toddlers. Before reading it, parents/carers etc could have a guessing game as to what the Donkey could be at the end. Children, more than anything will just have fun with the rhyming and the surprise at the end. It makes for a cute bedtime story, or a quick read in the nursery school library corner.

#Review by Lou – You Can’t Take An Elephant On Holiday by Patricia Cleveland-Peck and David Tazzyman @KidsBloomsbury @impeckable_P @gumdraw #ChildrensBooks #Humour #Kidslit #PictureBook #Elephants

You Can’t Take An Elephant On Holiday
By Patricia Cleveland-Peck & David Tazzyman

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Full of humour and joyous delight… come and find out in the blurb and my review.
Thanks to Bloomsbury for gifting me this book. It is available to buy now!

You can't take an elephant on holiday


Imagine playing minigolf with meerkats or building a sandcastle with an armadillo! And don’t even think about eating candyfloss when there’s an albatross about!

Jam-packed with crazy creatures, this brilliant new book from the creators of You Can’t Take an Elephant on the Bus, You Can’t Let an Elephant Drive a Digger and You Can’t Call an Elephant in an Emergency is riotous, laugh-out-loud fun!


Apparently you can’t take an elephant on holiday or have a lion on a tour bus… who knew? Haha. This is a book with fantastic illustrations and hilarious reasons as to why you can’t take an elephant on holiday, in fun, short, rhyming sentences that young children will enjoy. There are many animals to meet and recognisable situations, such as a paddling pool and a fair. Children will enjoy hearing the story and looking at the pictures and it is easy for adults to have fun with their children with it as they read it.

It is perfect for bedtime or during the day to cheer them up and bring the joy of books to them.
It would be great for homes, nurseries, toddler and baby groups, libraries. It’s pure joy and one you can interact with your children and just have sheer fun!

#BookReview of #ChildrensBook – Chocolate Cake For Breakfast by J.L. Humphreys @Jlhumphreys59

Chocolate Cake For Breakfast
By J.L. Humphreys

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Who wants chocolate cake for breakfast? I’m sure a lot of hands will whoosh up. Find out if the girl in the story actually has it or not. Discover where her imagination takes her in this short fun story that has animals, food and the alphabet within it. It’s suitable for pre-school to 5/6 year olds. Find out more in the blurb and my full review. 
Thanks to J.L Humphreys for inviting me to review and for providing the book.

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast


Do you know a child that struggles with reading and learning the alphabet? Do you wish your child would sit with you and enjoy reading? Learning to read starts early and you can instill a love for reading now! Chocolate Cake for Breakfast introduces children to the alphabet through the wild imagination of a little girl envisioning herself as different animals eating tasty treats. Your child will have fun and laugh out loud at the silly animals while learning the alphabet.

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast


This book is fun and educational as it goes through the letters of the alphabet. Imagine having delicious chocolate cake, right in front of you and your mum telling you not to have any!!! This is what happens to the girl in this story. She then shows her wild imagination as she thinks of different animals and what she would eat if she could turn into them.  Each animal and food is in alphabetical order in the story, which is made up of short, sharp, rhyming sentences, most, accompanied by pictures. With the letters of the alphabet also in bold at the top of each page, it will make for a fun way for children to learn it, alongside a humorous story.

About the Author

J.L. Humphreys is the author of the picture books, Pumpkin’s Kitties, Super Sweet Pea, and Chocolate Cake for Breakfast. Humphreys is delighted that she has a job that allows her to teach children to use their imagination and dream big.

Humphreys lives in California with her husband, daughters, dog, and cat. Besides writing, reading, and teaching she is enthusiastic about the outdoors. She enjoys vacationing with her family, swimming, and getting her hands dirty. Her favorite ice-cream is mint-n-chip, her favorite color is blue, and her favorite animal is an elephant.
You can follow J.L. Humphreys on twitter @Jlhumphreys59