#Review (by Lou) of Paul McKenna’s Positivity Podcast @ImPaulMcKenna – Rated 5 stars #podcast – A fascinating podcast of interviews about mindset, books, films and more… #PositivityPodcast #Podcast

 Positivity Podcast
Hosted by Paul McKenna
Featuring Various Guests
Rated: 5 stars *****

Positivity Podcast

Paul McKenna is an International Bestselling Author and Hypnotist. He also does online Zoom events and (when times are better, live venue events).
For a good while now, he has been doing a podcast, where he introduces his objective to the podcast, being to interview the most interesting people in the world and get insights to discover how it is they do what they do, what makes them unique and fascinating, their success mindset and what keeps them positive as well as what books they have published. The interviews are more realistic and down-to-earth than you would think, which is a postive in itself. Paul McKenna also has a new book out about changing your life, to add to his collection of many published bestselling books; he also has newspaper articles with practical steps to help reduce stress for adults and children, in national newspapers and online events. He also presents on radio and gives interviews about his latest work on national radio and tv.

As well as interviews on his podcast with well-known celebrities, he has also produced some podcasts that encompass techniques you can try at home – Unlocking Lockdown – Coronaphobia ♦ Unlocking Lockdown – Motivation for Life ♦ Control Stress ♦ Deep Sleep ♦ Stop Comfort Eating ♦ Stay Positive & Happy. All of this can be accessed for Free via this link: https://www.globalplayer.com/podcasts

I am impressed by Paul McKenna’s interview style and the questions and the time and attention he takes with his guests and how much he allows them to speak and really answer the questions. The questions mainly focus around what he knows best and seem formal and serious at times, but there are elements of lightness, that does come from him. His guests sound at ease, which allows listeners to gently ease themselves into the episodes and time passes by swiftly as they are compelling.

Each podcast takes just 30 minutes, which is absolutely perfect for those with busy lives and yet to hear some fascinating insights, which you may not already know about a person. It’s also perhaps, a bit thought-provoking for your own life as well There is something heartwarming and uplifting about these podcasts. As much as most of the questions appear to be the same or similar in the episodes, they are so open-ended that every answer (because everyone has their own individual lives and has different experiences), is where the real interest and unique content is.

He has made many episodes, all of which are still available. I am unsure whether there are more to come or not. Here are just a bit of what you can expect and with whom. I’ve written (with hopefully no spoilers), about 3 interviews Paul McKenna conducted with a sportsman, a dancer/author and an actor.

Positivity Podcast

Gareth Southgate – English Professional Football Manager (Currently for the English National Team  and Former Player).

This is a really lovely, grounded interview, which is just a joy to listen to.

He talks about being optimistic and a high work ethic and building resillience.

He has a new book – Anything is Possible. A set of life lessons, princpals for the journey of life. It is for people for all ages and covers many interests (not just sport). There is the basis for giving hope for the future. The proceeds go to The Prince’s Trust, which is an excellent charity.

Gareth Southgate talks about the dream he had for playing football and having a goal and how he overcame hurdles and obsticals and how he transfers it over to his team and breaking down big goals into something manageable to progress and improve. It sounds a realistic interview and how there are good and bad days and how to overcome the bad days and keeping perspective.

He also talks about who influenced him, which is an interesting mix of people, who created a balance for him.

Paul McKenna talked about how he helped in some of the preparation and how to visualise and getting into a peak state of performance.

He talks of his proudest achievement and what makes him happy and his projections for the future… Listen to find out what this…

Positivity Podcast

Anton Du Beke – Professional Dancer (can be seen on Strictly on the BBC and in theatres) and Author.

He has a new book (now published) A Christmas To Remember. It’s 3rd in the series, but all are standalone. He sets his novels just before the end  2nd World War. The book sounds terrific and is based on what he knows about elegance and dance. He can hear the people speaking and sounds and he can visualise it all. It all sounds opulent.

He has some wonderful advice of not looking back and talks about how he doesn’t plan for 5 years time and instead, looks a week at a time and makes an interesting presumption about his life. There are some great anecdotes and really good wiseness of life. It turns out Anton Du Beke is incredibly wise.

He talks of humble beginnings and it is absolutely fascinating how his parents came together and how they ended up in the UK. He talks about how he came across dancing and what he wanted, but was uncertain of the career path as to how to reach his goal, and yet sounds like he was certain how he wanted to dance.

He talks of internal conflict in being competitiveness and artistic dancing and how he chose which form of dance to concentrate on.

The interview swiftly moves onto character traits and this is possibly the most fascinating, with his sheer determination and optimism.

You can learn something about Anton Du Beke that is very surprising indeed relating to his mindset about his personality and what upsets him and also just how lucky he is, but also who he was starstruck with and how he reacted.

He says not to give up on your dreams. He has some great advice around this and there’s a kindness and warmth around it.

Positivity Podcast

James Cosmo – Actor of many films, tv programmes such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and much more…

He talks about his upbringing in Clydebank, Glasgow and how ordinary it was. He talks of being disinterested in some things and how he came to acting. He also has a wonderful word that it sounds like Paul McKenna himself learns.

James Cosmo talks about his mentors and who inspired him. The answer is very differently to how you may expect.

The way he talks about having a bad day or bad period of his life in such a realistic way and this is one of the things that comes through in the podcasts, is a realistic outlook and optmimism. He talks about growing up and perspectives and being grateful. He talks of his traits and how independent he was and the impact of this and being in tough times and surviving them. Where he gets joy from is absolutely wonderful and moving. They talk about giving and supporting each other and kindness and how nourishing it is.

He talks of his proudest achievement and his view on success, as well as being starstruck. What makes him happy shows him as having a humbleness.

He has just finished working on an audiobook called Hyde – a retelling of Jekyll and Hyde, which is very dark and gothic.
He has a movie coming soon, called Skylines (filmed a few months ago), which is based in a futuristic, dystopian world, which has aliens in it.
You can also find out what Paul McKenna likes to watch on tv, which relates to a show that James Cosmo was in, which is talked of with such fondness, especially the actors James worked with and there is much joviality.

James Cosmo has some lovely advice to give to listeners and how taking one road isn’t always the easiest ones, but can be the best ones to take. He also talks about a question involving younger people.

Discover more at https://www.globalplayer.com/podcast


#Review by Lou of Partners In Crime Podcast @adamcroft @RobertDaws @CrimeFicPodcast #Podcast

Partners In Crime Podcast
Created and Hosted by
Adam Croft and Robert Daws
Rated: 5 stars *****

Partners In Crime

Partners In Crime Podcast is available from Fridays and I listen in most weeks or play catch up on it at a weekend. The podcast is brought to you by Adam Croft, a hugely successful crime fiction author who writes in every single type of sub-genre and Robert Daws who is also a hugely successful actor and author and sometimes Adrian Hobart who is a founder of Hobeck Books with Rebecca Collins. Each episode is 30 mins long and it is just some bookish and tv fun really, but with added banter of two great friends, that adds to creating a lovely, delightful atmosphere that is rather jovial, mostly uplifting and with plenty of humour.

There is a very genuine, relaxed quality as they put the world to rights in their own unique way. They have various eye-catching titles, with the latest being Don’t Dally In A Doorway, that draws you into their world of intrigue to see what on earth that could possibly mean.

They have, despite lockdown, been able to keep to the rules and did their podcast in various ways, outside, apart and how’s this for the ultimate social distancing? Robert Daws was away filming in Latvia, whilst Adam Croft was still in England. It just shows what technology can do…. except there are some gremlins where they live in England.

The pair talk about the latest crime fiction books they have enjoyed (and sometimes their own that they have written) as well as some of the latest tv dramas, creating a great platform for other creatives to get their work mentioned and to inspire and inform people for what is available or coming soon.

I like that Adam Croft and Robert Daws give a little information about themselves and what they’ve been doing before really getting down to business as it were. It’s an easy listen and a good podcast to escape into for half an hour in a week. In our busy lives, 30 mins of escapism is a good thing and the podcast is a perfect length to fit in.

The podcast has been running for over 100 episodes. They did a Live (or rather, Adam Croft did) for the 100th episode and that isn’t the first time they have been Live. They have also done a Live with Adam Croft and Adrian Hobart (who is a founder of Hobeck Books who publishes Robert Daws books) at the Morecambe and Vice Festival, when festivals were a normal thing.

Some of the latest works by Adam Croft, who has 2 more books coming soon. He has written many books and is highly successful.

Works by Robert Daws who has another book coming soon in his hugely popular Rock series, set in Gibraltar.

#Review by Lou of Blank Podcast @Blankpod by Giles Paley-Phillips @eliistender10 @jimdalycomedy #Podcast

Blank Podcast
By Giles Paley-Phillips
and Jim Daly
British Podcast Awards Nominee 2019
Rated: 5 stars *****

Blank Podcast pic 

Giles Paley-Phillips is an author, musician and an Ambassador for Action Aid UK.
Jim Daly is a comedian and author.


Everyone has those difficult blank moments sometimes.

Whether in your personal life, career, relationship, or in a public situation, writer’s block, social anxiety, imposter syndrome, being off-form or having an identity crisis can affect anyone at any time. It’s part of the human condition and yet it can throw us off course and make us feel helpless.

Giles Paley-Phillips and Jim Daly host an informal, insightful podcast in which they chat to well-known people from comedy, acting, writing, broadcasting, politics and sports about their careers and how they get through these moments when things aren’t going to plan

Together Giles and Jim have created Blank Podcast where they talk about moments that aren’t going so well in a relatable and non-judgemental and down to earth way. It isn’t as depressing as it sounds. It does have some good uplifting and insightful moments as they talk to everyone from authors to actors to documentary makers to comedians and more…
It is very fascinating as what they talk about isn’t what they usually talk about. It’s those “blank moments” and almost a peek behind the scenes as it were. “Blank moments” take the chats in various directions, which makes it engaging and pretty compelling. Blankness means something different to everyone.
There will be an accompanying book early next year simply called Blank.

I listened to a few of the podcasts, which has some pretty well-known famous people. They are recorded in the Nordic Bar in Oxford. The podcasts appear Every Wednesday Morning. It is FREE and you can subscribe as well so it can drop into wherever you choose to listen to podcasts.

Before I move on, I would like to thank Giles Paley-Phillips for getting in touch with me to listen to his podcast. I was told I could just do a shout-out about it if I wanted, but once I got listening, I got inspired to write a blog because this is good!

Here are links where you can access Blank Pod and further below is a little about some 3 I have listened to and a bit of info on 3 episodes I have listened to so far.

Castbox http://bit.ly/2PHWUCI
Spotify http://spoti.fi/2qikmYK
Acast http://bit.ly/2qgGLpA

Blank Podcast pic

Michael Rosen

Known for writing poetry and children’s books and more…

It was interesting hearing about when he was younger and where he lived in London and reveals “MetroLand” and some secret places. You can find out what he means by this in the podcast. There are some insights into his life going back as far as being a child and what a very different type of world it was back then, into how his parents were and what they stood for and it may not be all that you would assume and not all is what you would think would go together at all in their religion and political leanings.

There is some humour that pokes through within this podcast as he, with great candour and vivid memories, talks about his life and that of his parent’s lives.

He talks of his career plans. How they changed from wanting to be a doctor to being a writer and also how his parent’s rated career paths. He did other jobs apart from being a writer, including with the BBC and find out the mysterious goings on.
There is an interesting part about creativity and how everyone is creative in some form or another and about what he calls “ego-strength”, which is absolutely fascinating and I think people will find useful and is certainly thought-provoking in his advice. He also talks about his children’s poetry and the risks he takes and how he is fascinated by performance and writing and all the different forms that he is involved in.

Rebecca Callard

Known for acting in The Grand, Coronation Street, The Detectorists, Ordinary Lies and much more

Discover what is in Rebecca’s film collection (she still has VHS) and her reminisces of video shops as well as what they are watching by more modern means and some of the most watched Netflix shows. It is interesting to hear why she watches certain shows. It’s interesting hearing her mindset from when she was younger to now about acting and watching it, including her love of horror and yet affects her.

They also talk a bit about insomnia and what perhaps affects this and also how it could have started very early on in her life and the anxieties and how it affects her and also how she learns lines and how to manage work, family and insomnia. It’s talked about in such a convivial way. She talks about her challenging times and stage-fright and how she felt isolation, until people around her told her how they’ve had it. She talks about the importance of talking about things and the discussion goes onto some deepness and how people can be hard on themselves.

Rebecca Callard has started writing and the projects she started and didn’t finish. She finally finished a piece and won a prize and garnered some success and may write more. Some of her ideas sound rather good and refreshing. Find out more in the podcast. She touches on her mother Beverley Callard having depression and also how strong and successful she is. She also talks of true friendship!

Louis Theroux

Known for making documentaries and more…

He talks a bit about his life of flitting between the US and the UK. He is writing a book and is most famously known for making documentaries. He talks of feeling most home in the UK.

It is interesting as he talks about some of the people he has met along the way in tv.

He is writing, what he calls a professional memoir. He talks about being a studious and curious person and talks of some of his interests and also how he drifted into certain jobs, including journalism and other jobs that perhaps you wouldn’t immediately associate with him. He taks about getting into that stage where you don’t quite know about what the next steps were and moved around in the US. He takes listeners around different parts.

He talks about needing structure and direction in life and seems like that’s more what he is used to. It’s relatable to and having a period of time of not knowing this.

He talks of what sounds like some real challenges in some of his films, social media. He also talks about some of his documentaries and it is some great insights from Louis Theroux’s point of view. He talks about the times when things change direction, the research and being on location. It is a fascinating peek behind the scenes a little that isn’t shown on tv.

He talks a bit about the junctions that appear in life and to try and keep things fresh.


Castbox http://bit.ly/2PHWUCI
Spotify http://spoti.fi/2qikmYK
Acast http://bit.ly/2qgGLpA

Partner’s In Crime Podcast with Adam Croft and Robert Daws @RobertDaws @AdamCroft @CrimeFicPodcast #podcasts

It’s been awhile since I have talked about this podcast, so, as I just listened to one, I thought I’d do a quick write-up as you may be interested in listening in too this evening as the weather is rather mixed, or indeed any time.

Grounded in their own homes, Robert Daws and Adam Croft are still doing their podcast – Partner’s In Crime, that has been running for over 100 episodes now.
Now, you can watch them do it too via YouTube. I have provided a link at the bottom.

They’ve had a bit of bother in their gardens in the episode called Simply Not Cricket, especially Adam Croft… who’d have thought gardens could be so hazardous! It all involves a pot and finger.

They reckon time spent on reading books have now doubled. The stats are interesting that are discussed. Thrillers seem to be a favourite. They talk about Peter May’s book called Lockdown. I would also like to suggest people try out The Health of Strangers series by Lesley Kelly too.

Robert Daws talked about how he got into detective series. Also look out for Trueman and Riley, available on audiobook, which sounds a good one.

There’s interesting talk about Agatha Christie.

There’s interesting chat called Cold Bones by David Mark, makes me feel a bit cold listening to it due to the setting. It sounds intrguing and gritty.

As podcasts go, being in lockdown, this is a pretty good one.

Click here for links to the podcast Twitter Page with further links within it for the episodes

Click here for the podcasts

Both have books as well, which you will find around my blog about, so check out those too as they’re very good.


Partners In Crime 100th Episode @adamcroft @RobertDaws @CrimeFicPodcast #Podcast #VirtualEvent

Tonight I watched the Facebook Live of Partners In Crime Podcast. It is the 100th episode, so congratulations to Adam Croft and Robert Daws on such an achievement. They host and broadcast the podcast about once a week.

It consists mainly of chat, guests and book recommendations.

 It is listened to 180 countries and territories across the world. It is worth a listen to. It seems to be ever-growing and it is as entertaining as it is informative. It’s something good for the weekends to relax to. I think it is broadcast around Fridays, I personally listen to it on Saturdays after a long working week and just before leaving the house for the volunteer work that I do. I do highly recommend this podcast. There are lots to choose from and I must say that this really is a particularly good one for just chilling out to for about 30 mins or so.

Authors highly rate them – Val McDermid, Mark Billingham, Elly Griffiths, Gillian McAllister, Lynda La Plante Kate Rhodes and many more who have been guests on the podcast.

The live version is clips of some of the fun that goes on and a bit behind the scenes, so rather different from the regular episodes. You will find it on Adam Croft’s Facebook Page.

A bit about the founders and hosts of the podcast

Adam Croft, is one of the most successful independently published author as he is an international bestselling crime and thriller author with almost 2 million books sold in over 120 countries. Adam has been featured on BBC television, BBC Radio and other media.
In March 2018, Adam has an Honorary Doctor of Arts, by the University of Bedfordshire in recognition of his services to literature.

Robert Daws is an actor and author. He has appeared in several tv series and films, such as The Royal, Roger Roger, Jeeves and WoosterOutside EdgeNew Tricks, Doc Martin, Midsomer Murders, Death in Paradise, The Unfolding, Swimming with Men and many more
He has also appeared in theatre in many plays such as How the Other Half Loves, Blackbird. He has recently appeared in Ten Times Table.
Robert has written 3 books to date of the Broderick and Sullivan series and 1 stand-alone book.

A small selection of their books, each of them, I can highly recommend.

Adam Croft’s Books      

Robert Daws Books

Partner’s In Crime Podcast and more… @adamcroft @HobeckBooks @adrian_hobart @RobertDaws @CrimeFicPodcast @MorecambeVice #Crime #Podcast

Partner’s in Crime Podcast

Tune into the podcast Partner’s in Crime. Look out for it from Friday.
This was the fifth panel, but as it is aired shortly, I wanted to publish my review in time. I really enjoy listening to this podcast generally. It is entertaining and also makes some interesting points for readers and writers. It also has book recommendations and general chat about many subjects. It always sounded like there was a good atmosphere, so to see their very first live studio audience performance, was great fun!

The podcast is normally crime writers Adam Croft and Robert Daws. Very unfortunately Robert Daws could not make it, even though he planned to, but he had a very good reason… There was a good last-minute stand-in however who was a great replacement. You would never have known how last minute he came in by the performance given. The replacement was Adrian Hobart.

Let me first introduce briefly who the people from the podcast (including regular host Robert Daws) are before I write about the podcast itself.
Adrian Hobart is a BBC Assistant Editor is his day job and when night falls, he is a writer and narrator and makes up one half of indy publisher Hobeck Books.

Adam Croft, is one of the most successful independently published author as he is an international bestselling crime and thriller author with almost 2 million books sold in over 120 countries. Adam has been featured on BBC television, BBC Radio and other media.
In March 2018, Adam has an Honorary Doctor of Arts, by the University of Bedfordshire in recognition of his services to literature.
He also has a TV series in development.

Robert Daws is an actor and author. He has appeared in several tv series and films, such as The Royal, Roger Roger, Jeeves and WoosterOutside EdgeNew Tricks, Doc Martin, Death in Paradise, The Unfolding, Swimming with Men and many more
He has also appeared in theatre in many plays such as How the Other Half Loves, Blackbird and many more and is going on tour again soon in the play – Ten Times Table.
Robert has written 3 books to date of the Broderick and Sullivan series and 1 stand-alone book.

Adam Corft and HobartAdrian Hobart and Adam Croft

The Partner’s in Crime Podcast:

The Partner’s in Crime theme tune fits and all seemed well set-up during the interval in-between panels. There seemed to be an air of hushed excitement and anticipation lingering in the room, perhaps from all the talk during the interval about it. There seemed to be plenty of people looking forward to it. There was a mix of people who had listened to it before and others whom, this was their first time.
Many things were covered within the podcast:

  • Hear a little bit about Poirot, since the festival was held in the lovely art-deco Midland Hotel, where episodes were filmed.
  • Listen to them talk of crime and classic crime dramas. Later they also talk of Line of Duty and Bodyguard and they’ve quite a story to tell about a high-ranking police officer.
  • Discover out what Adrian is reading at the moment.
  • Find out about a news site and their discussion about women and crime and how crime readers are mainly women. Also listen in to see what it is that is causing much discussion in the crime writing community.
  • Listen to a parlour game involving the whole audience, words and a story of sorts… (yes it is quite nuts, but was so much fun).
  • Find out all the book recommendations of the moment. Also brief insight’s into what some members of the audience are reading or have read too and would recommend to others.

  • Find out what the preference is – writing or narrating for audiobooks and the challenges and the most interesting moments in a recording studio. It’s also amazing how many hours it takes to record an audiobook.

This panel worked extremely well. I loved the mix between audience participation (always get a little nervous at those parts, but I don’t care, I like to take part and also listen to others none-the-less) and the hosts talking. The balance was right and all felt relaxed and it was all good fun. Time flew by on this panel. I had been so excited about seeing this podcast unfold, since I listen to it ordinarily and currently is the only one I listen to fairly regularly. I was certainly not disappointed. It all lived up to expectations (well, alright, apart from Robert Daws absence, but it couldn’t be helped, but as I said, his stand-in did an impressive job).

It was with great pleasure that I met Adam Croft, who kindly introduced me to Adrian Hobart and we all had a nice, pleasant chat.

The latest books by the podcast creators and presenters are: Killing Rock by Robert Daws, The Wrong Man by Adam Croft. Killing Rock and other Robert Daws books are reviewed on my blog and one day, so will some of Adam Croft’s books I have read will too. I can highly recommend these authors and this podcast.
It was a terrific idea for a panel at this festival. It seemed so fresh and was a perfect “fit” for it.
Link: Partner’s in Crime
Morecambe and Vice

Killing Rock cover