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Verity Vanishes
By A.B. Morgan

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am excited to be on the blog tour for the third in the series of The Quirk Files (it can also be read as a standalone). It’s another rivetting read. Thanks to the publisher – Hobeck Books for inviting me to review. Find out more in the blurb and my review below.

Verity Vanishes


If you love Janice Hallett and Richard Osman, you are going to ADORE The Quirks!

The Quirks are back, and there is another crime to solve for P.Q. Investigations.

When Verity Hudson goes missing, Peddyr Quirk – with assistance from his effervescent wife Connie – investigates a strange new case which unfolds in an unsavoury part of town. It soon becomes apparent that they are not the only ones looking for Verity.

A freelance researcher is searching for her birth mother.

An influential man of power and money is desperate to find his estranged sister.

A local politician is determined to expose a hidden tragedy.

A TV journalist will stop at nothing to expose the true story … if it can be uncovered.

Where is Verity, who is Verity, and who will find her first?


I’ve read a few books about the Quirks now (this is book 3 of The Quirk Files), and I have come to be caught up in the charm of them. This series is absolutely a must read, if you are a fan of Richard Osman. The characterisation is full, deep and yet quirky and it may make readers want to belong in Peddyr and Connie’s world of private investigation.

The book starts with a secret, now uncovered! A huge one that you just know will change someone’s life and the way they believed it was, forever! The opening paragrapgh is like a bolt of lightning striking that you didn’t see coming, and Cara certainly wasn’t prepared for.

There also seems to be something about Verity that everyone is interested in the fact she mysteriously disappears such as tv channel, Channel 7 wants to follow the investigation, a local politician has a keen interest and so does a family who has a lot of wealth.
The Quirks are on the case, so have the heaviest involvement to solve it. They have their wokr cut out. When people are questioned about Verity’s disappearance, for all that so many eyes are on the case, so few people are willing to actually talk when questioned, so they need to look elsewhere for information. The mystery is sinister and keeps you guessing as to what happened and keeps you reading to find out the truth and if Verity can be found and in what state as she isn’t necessarily like how she first appears. There are many layers and emotions to this compelling mystery.

Throughout, the Quirks – Peddyr and Connie are a good team to follow and work together well as they bounce ideas off each other to solve a case and uncover secrets and lies and clues. There area few laughs to be had too. It’s quite cosy in the style of chat between them and this makes them quite endearing to read more about them.

Overall, Verity Vanishes has crime, layers of lives with hidden secrets and lots of  heart sandwiched between the quirky cover. It oozes with a rivetting plot!

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From Sorrow’s Hold
By Jonathan Peace

Rating: 5 out of 5.

.From Sorrow’s Hold is mysterious, heartfelt and compelling. It is out now! Today I am joining the blog tour on Publication Day for the second in the series of crime books by Jonathan Peace, and going back in time to the 1980’s. Find out more about it in the blurb and my review below. Then find out a little about the author and how he is a “cat dad”, as well as social media links you can click into.
Thanks first to the publisher, Hobeck Books for inviting me to review.

From Sorrow's Hold


December, 1988

Christmas beckons
What should be a time of excitement and joy is forever tainted when a teenager’s body is found in the graveyard of Ossett’s Holy Trinity Church.

A suspected suicide
As they respond to the devastating event, WDCs Louise Miller and Elizabeth Hines, together with psychologist Karla Hayes, each use their own experiences of suicide to help the wider community as it struggles to understand the terrible choice that was made.

Another missing teenager
Louise starts to believe there is something even more sinister behind the events…


Firstly, Happy Publication Day to Jonathan Peace.
Secondly, you’ll have seen that cover! It has atmosphere and is a bit spine-tingling in the chilling sense. It sets the scene well as the book itself is atmospheric.
This is a hard-hitting book to say the least and yet compulsive. The 1980’s style of policing makes for a great series. Think Life On Mars with extra tension and grittiness. Although it is set at Christmas, the book feels fine to read at any time of year for the crime-solving.

From Sorrow’s Hold is the second in the series (the first was Dirty Little Secret), often what authors say is that “tricky book”, but this author has cracked it! He captures the time period well and hooks you in with another great mystery. It would read well as a stand-alone for the mystery, but also as part of the series for the main character thread. The character development grows in this book and it’s great getting to know more about WDC Louise Miller, who is hardworking, strong but also has her own personal issues. This time she is on a new case because a teenager has reportedly committed suicide. The mystery then really turns up a few notches as there are questions surrounding this that need answering and it all may not be quite as straight-forward as it first seems. Elizabeth Hines, her work partner and Karla Hayes, the psychologist drafted in to help with her interesting insights and knowledge in what is a heartbreaking, dark case, that has more twists than what WDC Miller and her team were expecting. The further and deeper the case takes her team, the more sinister it becomes and the more compelling to read it is.
I recommend this series and you can grab your copy from today!

About The Author

Jonathan Peace is a husband, cat-dad and author of the WDC Louise Miller novels.

A Yorkshire lad at heart, Jonathan sets his novels in a fictionalised version of his hometown of Ossett, West Yorkshire, during the 1980’s. He now lives and works out of his home in Derbyshire, where he shares his writing office with his author wife, Lucy, and their three cats.

You can find him across the socials at the following:

Website: https://www.jpwritescrime.com

Twitter: @JPwritescrime

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JPwritescrime

Subscribe to his newsletter for monthly updates at: Jonathan Peace Newsletter

Hobeck Books: https://www.hobeck.net/

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By Claire Mackintosh

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Hostage Graphic3

Hold on tight for a breath-taking fast-paced summer read in Hostage By Claire Mackintosh. Today I am on the blog tour with a review. Find out more in the blurb and review below. Thanks first to Random T. Tours and Book Sphere for inviting me onto the tour to review and for a copy of the book.

Save hundres of lives


Hostage Cover ImageSave hundreds of lives. Or save your child?
You’re on board the first non-stop flight from London to Sydney. It’s a landmark journey, and the world is watching.
Shortly after take-off, you receive a chilling anonymous note.
There are people on this plane intent on bringing it down – and you’re the key to their plan.
You’d never help them, even if your life depended on it.
But they have your daughter . . . So now you have to

Or the one that matters most


Hostage begins with a heart in the mouth moment, there’s no other way of describing the opening pages. It’s tense as eyes open wider and boom, hooked, and got to know what happened to lead up to that moment of a horrific and terrifying incident. A situation no one would ever want to find themselves in.

The book cycles between Mina and Adam and various passengers. Mina’s life has complexities that are spilled out to her work colleague, like she is getting it all off her chest; the difficulties to conceive, Sophia who she adopted and turns out she has been diagnosed by a psychologist with hyperlexia and other deep issues. The book takes readers between homelife and the momentous, ground-breaking flight.

There’s a lot of anticpation about the first non-stop flight to Sidney and Mina is working on it. The passengers have various reasons to be on this particular flight, some are very deep and to very consciously leave something or someone behind. They all have a story to tell, all with some type of profound emotion attached.

Adam, Mina’s husband, works in the police force in CID on major cases as he is a Detective Sergeant, who is given a hard time by Sophia, but the intense love cuts through.

Things get even more intense, as if that were possible, but Mackintosh wracks it up a few more notches and it all becomes increasingly chilling when a note is found that spell that lives are in danger and a situation involving Sophia comes to head.~
There are many moments that are sure to make any reader gasp and want to hold their breath as it is breath-taking, but remember to breath as no one can hold their breath for 385 pages, no matter how fast-paced they are.

Hostage is intense and an absolute page-turner. It’s incredibly immersive, more than what readers may be bargaining for.

About the Author

Claire Author PicClare Mackintosh is the multi-award-winning author of five Sunday Times bestselling novels, including I Let You Go, which was the fastest-selling debut thriller in the year it was released.
Translated into forty languages, her books have sold more than two million copies worldwide, have been New York Times and international bestsellers and have spent a combined total of 64                                                       weeks in the Sunday Times bestseller chart.
Clare spent twelve years in the police force, including time on CID, and as a public order
commander. She left the police in 2011 to work as a freelance journalist and social media
consultant and is the founder of the Chipping Norton Literary Festival. She now writes full time
and lives in Wales with her husband and their three children.
http://www.claremackintosh.com / http://www.facebook.com/ClareMackWrites / @ClareMackint0sh

Hostage BT Poster

#Review By Lou of Murder At The Summer Fete By Victoria Walters @Vicky_Walters @HeraBooks #CrimeFiction #CosyMystery #SummerRead #Mystery

Murder At The Summer Fete
By Victoria Walters

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Victoria Walters has branched out from romantic fiction in this book and lept into cosy murder with Murder At The Summer Fete. A book for fans of Richard Osman, S.J. Bennett and The Marlow Murder Club and Agatha Raisin. Find out more below in the blurb and my review below. Thanks first to Hera Books for a review copy.

Murder At The Summer Fete


A fete worse than death…

After finding the killer of Lucy Roth six months ago, life has settled back to normal for bookshop owner, Nancy Hunter, and her grandmother, Jane. The annual Dedley End village fete is just around the corner, and Nancy is delighted when bestselling author, Thomas Green, agrees to launch his first new novel in ten years there.

But then a series of sinister events lead Nancy to realise someone is trying to sabotage their fete, so she, along with Jane and their journalist friend Jonathan, must turn detective to discover who isn’t at all thrilled about the return of Thomas Green.

When a body is discovered at the summer fete, the death scene mirroring that in Thomas’ latest bestseller, they realise that there’s another killer in Dedley End, but can they outsmart someone who appears to have pulled off the perfect crime?

The clues are right under Nancy and Jane’s noses, if only they can find them. Because the answers to life’s questions can always be found in a book…!

A twisty, unputdownable cozy mystery that fans of Richard Osman, S.J. Bennett and The Marlow Murder Club will love.


A touch of murder in the summer makes this great for a crime fiction book for the summer. Beneath the lightness of summer and the climax of the summer fete in the Cotswolds, just around the corner, it lulls you into that fun summer carefree vibe. Not all is well though and a cosy murder ensues, with humour, nothing too gruesome, but sabotage and murder follows in this Dedley End mystery. It’s second in this series but reads perfectly well as a standalone too.

The bookshop owner and bookish events will pull readers in further and then the mystery itself as the death seems sinisterly famliar, which adds a twist to the plot, which has amateur detectives and a DCI in the form of DCI Brown who also has to join the dots to find the murderer.

It is overall an entertaining read with life mimicing art.

#BookReview By Lou of Kiss Of Death By Adam Croft @adamcroft #CrimeFiction #RutlandSeries

Kiss of Death
By Adam Croft

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Kiss of Death is absorbingly intriguing in this fourth book in The Rutland series, that can be read as a stand-alone or part of the series. Take a look further down at the blurb and my review as well as a little about the author.
Thanks firstly to Adam and Joanne Croft for asking me to review and for a copy of the book.

About the Author

Adam CroftAdam Croft is one of the world’s biggest-selling authors of crime fiction and gripping psychological thrillers.

His books are known for their quick pace, thrilling plots and believable characters, and have sold in more than 120 countries around the world.

His books have topped the Amazon storewide chart seven times, and in February 2017 Amazon’s overall Author Rankings placed Adam as the most widely read author in the world, with J.K. Rowling in second place.

In March 2018, Adam was conferred as an Honorary Doctor of Arts, the highest academic qualification in the UK, by the University of Bedfordshire in recognition of his achievements.

Adam presents the regular crime fiction podcast PARTNERS IN CRIME with fellow bestselling crime writer Robert Daws.

Kiss of Death cover


An elderly woman collapses and dies during a Sunday morning church service in Oakham. But things aren’t quite as innocent as they seem.

Within hours, there’s a second unexplained death in Rutland. Then a third. But the victims appear to be completely unconnected.

With the body count rising by the day, DI Caroline Hills and DS Dexter Antoine need to uncover the link before more innocent people die.

Only one thing is certain: a killer walks the streets of Rutland. But no-one knows who the next victim will be, when they will be killed – or why.


Don’t be fooled! The book starts off so peacefully and captures a sense of a relaxed holiday type vibe and it gives further insight into DI Caroline Hills, her family and life. It’s rather a sedate atmosphere. with some welcome mild humour that is created in the beginning, until it changes with a rather odd death. It is so mysterious, this death is, in Oakham, that it grips and does so further as another two deaths occur in Rutland, but look seemingly unconnected. This brings Caroline right back into the office to get stuck into the investigation. The cause of deaths is different and may not be what readers will immediately expect.

At the beginning of the book is a map of Rutland, as there has been in previous books in this series and Adam Croft expertly ensures the reader can picture the lay of the land as he weaves his story of criminal activity.

This is a series I highly recommend. It can be read alone as the crime threads are all tied up within one book. There is also the thread of Caroline’s family that runs through, but there is some detail that ensures readers, if they start with this book, gets a taste of what went on before.

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Dirty Little Secret
By Jonathan Peace

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Dirty Little Secret is gritty, entertaining and packs a twisty punch. It’s a great police procedural debut novel.
Find out more in the blurb and my review below. Thanks to the publisher – Hobeck Books for inviting me to review and for gifting me to book.

Dirty Little Secret cover


March 1987
Ossett, West Yorkshire
A town of flower shows, Maypole parades and Sunday football games. Behind all the closed doors and drawn curtains live hidden truths and shameful lies.

A body is found
WDC Louise Miller’s first case as detective in her hometown is hampered by the sexism and misogyny of small-town policing. Her four years on the force in Manchester have prepared her for this. Along with ally WPC Elizabeth Hines, the pair work the case together.

What truths lie hidden?
As their inquiries deepen, the towns secrets reveal even darker truths that could lead to the identity of the killer. But when a second girl goes missing, Louise realises that some secrets should stay hidden.


Be prepared to be transported to the 1980’s, an era captured well by Peace, with its telephone boxes (one which a body is found) and terminology. This is Jonathan Peace’s debut novel and also his main character’s first job in her new location in West Yorkshire – WDC Louise Miller. She had perviously been working in Manchester, so the transfer is quite a change of scene for her.
The year is 1987 and the opening date is Friday the 13th, adding a bit of a chill to the spine and even more so with some gruesome murders.

WDC Miller works with WPC Hines, the only other female on this West Yorkshire force. They get a bit of flack from the male officers, but they’re strong women and it’s nothing that they can’t handle. WDC Miller is compassionate, hardworking (since she has to give 110% at the very least) and is full of tenacity. She’s a great character to follow for a series of books.

There is a lot of authenticity to the writing, which immediately draws you in with its style. It’s a bit like Life on Mars like in characterisations which makes it quite entertaining and there are several twists in its grittiness. There are also references to real-life past cases, which adds to the atmosphere and interest in this fast-moving plot where all sorts of secrets begin to unravel, some of which were hidden for quite some time…

I recommend this book and there are more to come from Jonathan Peace.