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The Devil’s Bridge Affair

By Rob Gittins 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Today I am on the blog tour for The Devil’s Bridge Affair, a book that is compelling and not what you might expect in a crime fiction novel. It is full of surprises. It is written by an author who is known for screenwriting Eastenders, Casualty and much more. Thanks to the publisher – Hobeck Books for inviting me to review. Follow below for the blurb and my review.


Lightning splits the sky, night somersaulting into day
And in that moment, a life is lost…
The name of the Devil’s Bridge derives from a local legend, telling the story behind a bridge that was built centuries before for the town, built by the devil himself. But there was a price. The devil vowed to return at different times and in different guises with dark consequences for those who live in the bridge’s shadow.
Most in the town believe it to be just a colourful local story; a flight of fancy. Dark deeds can happen anywhere – and there’s no such thing as the devil.
Then a massive scandal, involving a schoolboy and his English teacher, hits the community, and even the most die-hard of sceptics begin to wonder if a devil-like figure is walking in their midst.


The Devil’s Bridge Affair is a thriller with a little bit of the supernatural. The name of the bridge is enough to send spine-chilling tingles down the spine. It becomes more than that. The bridge has a legend attached it. This legend is that it was built by the devil as part of a deal that a promise is kept. It is also said that the devil will return at different points in time..

The book goes back and forth in time, with various points of view. Ethan is a main person. He is a teenager with separated parents. His dad has even moved in with the school teacher! Relationships are complex amongst the characters but well-written.

Nia – Ethan’s mum has noticed a change in behaviour in her son and wants to know what is going on. The revelations are startling, putting the teacher a bit more into the plot, which thickens with criminal misdemeanours, which brings events at Devil’s Bridge more into the fore.

The paranormal doesn’t often attract me to a book of any sort, even as a sub-genre, but occasionally I’ll foray into such territories and this is actually rather compelling. The fact is that this is a tightly knitted thriller. There are many twists and turns and the end throws in the biggest twist ever!



The Dead Romantics By Ashley Poston @ashposton @HQstories #Halloween #HalloweenRead #RomanticFiction #ContemporaryFiction #TheDeadRomantics

The Dead Romantics
By Ashley Poston

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Thanks to HQ for gifting me The Dead Romantics. It’s perfect for Halloween! Discover why in the blurb and my review below…



Florence Day is a ghost-writer with one big problem. She’s supposed to be penning swoon-worthy novels for a famous romance author but, after a bad break-up, Florence no longer believes in love. And when her strict (but undeniably hot) new editor, Benji Andor, won’t give her an extension on her book deadline, Florence prepares to kiss her career goodbye.

Although when tragedy strikes and Florence has to head home, the last thing she expects to see is a ghost at her front door. Not just any ghost, however, but the stern form of her still very hot – yet now unquestionably dead – new editor.

As sparks start to fly between them, Florence tells herself she can’t be falling for a ghost – even an infuriatingly sexy one. But can Benji help Florence to realise love isn’t dead, after all?

If you fell in love with Beach Read, The Love Hypothesis and The Hating Game, this laugh-out-loud romance packed with sizzling chemistry will give you all the feels!


The Dead Romantics is a book with a ghostly difference and it is absolutely fabulous! Florence Day is a ghostwriter for Falcon Publishers and is basically failing at buttering up the new editor. She also has an interesting thing or two to say about publishing. She also isn’t into romance a and happily ever after and doesn’t really believe in them, except this is what she needs to ghost write. The repartee is fantastically funny.

There are moments of deep sadness when Florence’s dad dies, but then someone she least expects turns up, someone who it should be impossible to be in her eyeline. It turns out she can see ghosts.

There is good character development within it as readers see Florence grow in her unusual life. There is also hope to be found from places there seemed to be none.

The writing is clever and sharp how it mingles death and humour together to create a rom-com. All in all, the concept and execution of it makes for some entertaining reading.


#BookReview By Lou – The Wayland Babes By Judi Daykin @norfolknovelist @HobeckBooks #TeamHobeck #Halloween #HalloweenStories #SpookyStories #FolkStories #FolkTales #GhostlyTales

The Wayland Babes
By Judi Daykin

The Wayland Babes pic

Get ready for Halloween with these 5 spooky tales that will have your eyes open as wide as wide can be! Thanks to Hobeck Books for inviting me to review on the blog tour. Find out more in the blurb and my then my review below…

ghost story, Wayland Woods, myths and legends, ghosts, historical fiction, Norfolk legends


The Wayland Babes picThass bad. Somethin’ dreadful always happens when the chil’un be abroad.

The Wayland Woods in Norfolk – an ancient place where sound and silence, truth and myth, and life and death intertwine.

Some say that the babes of the woods still walk the Earth – wandering through the trees, forever lost, holding hands and searching for help. To see them is a terrible omen. As daylight falls, you may hear the wailing – is it the babes, or just the wind in the trees? What could it mean to see the babes, feel their presence, and be lured deeper into the woods? They look so real. They seem so helpless and desperate.

Five tales tell of five lives touched over five centuries by the so-called babes in the wood. If they beckon, will you follow?

ghost story, Wayland Woods, myths and legends, ghosts, historical fiction, Norfolk legends


5 tales in time for a spooky Halloween. 5 spine-tingling tales to creep you out. The atmosphere curls around you when reading the stories that take readers back in time. Time mysteriously disappears as though under a spell from when the first page is turned!

There’s a war horse, kings, churches and then there is the mysterious Mary to discover in the 1600’s. Fast forward and travel to the 1800’s for the next story, where the landscape is beautiful along the coastline and the Thames is also busy with barges. There’s and artist, but all is not what it seems. Still in the 1800’s there’s a Vicar and his wife and all seems very grand with a lord and lady, a great big house and a churchyard with a graveyard, with something mysterious.
Fast forward to the next tale set in the 1900’s with a bit of a war time story with an unexpected difference…
Keep moving on to discover Adrian and what he really thinks of Christmas and Pantomimes and what happens next…

There are a lot of mysterious, creepy goings on to see if you dare to follow these Wayland Babes in to their woods through the ages. I dared and was impressed by the sinister, atmospheric nature and calibre of writing to get it just right.

Each story is preceded by a poem that also sets the scene and gets you in the mood for what’s to come. There’s an Afterword about Norfolk Folktales and Pantomimes that makes interesting reading and further puts them into context.

ghost story, Wayland Woods, myths and legends, ghosts, historical fiction, Norfolk legends

#BookReview of The Younglings By Helena M. Craggs @h_craggs @LoveBooksGroup #YoungAdult #Halloween #Fantasy #Paranormal #Vampires #Ghosts #Witches #Debut

The Younglings
By Helena M. Craggs

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Today it is my turn to share my review on the blog tour of The Younglings. A spookily good book for Young Adults/Teens in time for Halloween. Find out more in the blurb and the rest of my thoughts in the full review…
Thanks to Love Books Group for inviting me onto the blog tour to review. Thanks to Helena M. Cragg for gifting me the book, the Cadbury’s Dark Milk Chocolate (long since eaten) and the pen (now well used).

The Younglings 3


The Younglings 1Humans have no idea what lurks in the shadows.

Mortals don’t expect to see supernaturals. Their minds rarely consider the possibility, even when it’s staring them right in the face. I was one such person … until I met my estranged father.

Let me introduce myself. The name is Carter. Quinn Carter. A witty, laid-back, regular guy, who just happens to be half-demon.

Finding out Dad is a demon king was like a sucker punch to the gut. Seriously, I’m a total biological freak. Meeting him was the catalyst for my life tail-spinning into a new world—a world where things of legend are real.  

The one positive about this whole situation is the friends I have made. Good friends. But they too have secrets … big secrets. They’re not exactly your average individuals. Turns out demons aren’t the only paranormal creatures out there.

I also need to mention a Vampire Ministry, evil stab-worthy demons, and troubled spirits stranded on the spectral plane. As a consequence, life for my friends and me became a tad problematic.

Being heroes in the mortal realm hadn’t been on anybody’s to-do list, but we had no choice in the matter, and things were about to get very interesting.


The Younglings 2Once you’ve opened the spookily brooding cover, it is found that the book is cleverly written as from the beginning, readers are practically being directly spoken to and then the story unfolds in third-person from there. This technique is captivating.

It comes as a bit of a surprise to Quinn Carter that he isn’t quite the regular teen he thought he was as he discovers he is half-demon and further still, discovers his friends aren’t as average as he first thought either as some of them have magical powers. Even his best friend Eve isn’t exactly who he thought she was as he discovers she is half-angel. There are also witches and a vampire and ghosts, some even with jobs like Lilth who is a nanny, just not your normal sort…
There’s a story there about good versus evil. There’s even a Vampire Ministry and rules to get to know. This book has everything you’d want in a supernatural book, plus there is a mention of historical times and witch trials in the North of England.

This is a great read for teens in the run up to Halloween, or indeed any other time of the year. There is humour within the spooks that would most certainly appeal to teens. It is entertaining and fast-paced so grabs attention quick.  It has great, realistic characterisation that teens will be able to identify with. Each character has their own trials and tribulations to overcome, sometimes from within. There are also certain relationships brewing that readers can really get behind. There’s romantic chemistry and fight scenes readers can really get into.
Most of the time, characters are easy to root for, sometimes they can be frustrating, but it all goes in with teen behaviours and actions, which gives this book a certain grounding.

It’s a strong debut novel that is very much worth getting your vampire teeth stuck into!

The Younglings tour poster

Lou Presents an #Extract of The Farmhouse – A Southern Gothic Ghost Tale By L.B. Stimpson  @zooloo2008 @stimsonink @QuestionPress #TheFarmhouseOfPeaceandPlenty

Today on day 1 of this blog tour, I present an extract from The Farmhouse by L.B. Stimpson. Thanks to the author for providing the extract and Zooloo Blogtours for inviting me onto this.
Follow onto the Blurb and Extract and take a peek at a bit of this interesting, evocative, atmospheric book, that may well have your spines tingling, to see who lives in a house like this – an ageing, spooky farmhouse that just may put you in the mood early for Halloween!

The Farmhouse Book Cover


The house, for all of its solitude, seemed incredibly noisy

The Farmhouse, having stood against time and history for nearly 160 years in the Virginia countryside, was forgotten and abandoned until Kyle and Jenny Dowling moved in during the summer of 1972.

The Dowlings, married just a year, were struggling to repair their broken marriage. It was to be the perfect place, away from it all, to heal their relationship. Jenny would write and Kyle would tend to minor renovations. The rent was cheap.

The realtor warned them, however, against staying beyond the final days of fall.


Late Spring 1972

Jenny Dowling bit her lower lip in a failed attempt to keep her opinion to herself. She had promised her husband she would keep an open mind, but she didn’t expect the house to be so dilapidated. She swallowed her doubt and concern as they traveled down the gravel road, it was so worn and lonely and if she had to admit, the surrounding fields appeared frozen in time and she and Kyle were emerging through a portal, far from modern society, disturbing the past. Haunted. Yes, haunted was the perfect description. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine the past, when wagons rolled and seclusion was necessary for survival at times.

“Oh, Kyle, you can’t be serious,” she finally blurted out as her eyes wandered along the overgrown driveway beyond the padlocked cattle guard gate which appeared to be holding in the decay spilling forth from the broken windows lining the front of the house. Empty, hollow eyes. Oh, he can’t be serious, but yet, he was.

Kyle reached over and grasped his wife’s hand. “Look, I know it doesn’t, well it might not be the secluded getaway you said you wanted, but it has some charm and it’s cheap and near enough to the city if I need to get back to the university, but I doubt that anyone will be calling. Besides, it has electricity and the realtor said she would cut us a break on the rent if we fixed up a few things.”

Jenny pulled her hand away and cranked open the window. The air was still. It was as though it was holding its breath lest a breeze break through the last shards of broken windows protecting the house against the elements. The house, this house, was exactly what Kyle had always wanted. Of course he would have chosen such a place–lonely and secluded.

The Farmhouse Book Tour Poster

#Bookblitz by Lou – The Clockmaker by Ceri Williams and Drew Neary – Atmospheric and Spine-tingling #Horror – perfect for #Halloween @stepford115 @matadorbooks

The Clockmaker
By Ceri Williams and Drew Neary

Tick – Tock! The Clockmaker waits to unleash something macabre in this spookily atmospheric, chilling, spine-tingling book that is perfect for Halloween and beyond, with its murders and supernatural horror. Explore The Clockmaker in ways you would never expect. Life experiences can influence what happens next and could The Clockmaker be waiting for you?

Read further to discover more about the macabre Clockmaker to add to the spookiness of your Halloween.

Discover more about the authors, the blurb and what people are saying about it as you follow my post down. Discover links to their social media and website below too.

Thanks to Ceri Williams, one half of this author duo, for getting in touch with me about their book.

About the Authors,

The Clockmaker author picNeary-Williams is the co-writing team of Andrew Neary and Ceri Williams, based in the Midlands of the UK.
The third member of our team is a visual artist based in the Netherlands. Priscila Rodriguez Aranda worked closely with us to create a cover that reflected both the content and the genres of the book.
This is the first time we are co-writing and we are really excited about how dynamic our partnership is .

The Clockmaker


The Clockmaker is the first in an upcoming series of gripping supernatural books by Nottingham based Ceri Williams and Drew Neary.
Widowed in World War 2, Annette and her young son face a completely different life as they exchange the devastation of post-blitz London for the slow pace of a small village. The house they have inherited is old, its bones still settling, creaking noises in the dead of night and the murmur of scritch-scritch in the walls. Located outside the village of Lochnagar, it’s been empty for many years.
The unfolding of how the Clockmaker made his plans, his meticulous preparations and macabre creations, all builds up to a series of gruesome, horrific murders. These have just one end in view: his release from that which has held him captive for centuries.

The sequel to the Clockmaker will be out in 2021. The Perfect Child.

What the authors say:

“The Clockmaker is a character in the much larger Novel – Optics. When we put some extracts on our website, we received acclaim, and requests to develop the minor characters further. That was when The Clockmaker was born,” comment debut authors Ceri and Drew. The authors are currently arranging a series of book launches around the local area and have engaged various local writing groups with their debut.
A chilling supernatural novel with characters you’ll come to care for, The Clockmaker will interest anyone who fears the dark – and what might lie in the shadows…

 What people are saying about The Clockmaker

‘This tale is fabulously written. There are times that it could have veered off into the “campy” side of horror or supernatural but it never once did that. Instead, it is captivating and will have you mesmerized until the very last page – and then you will want more because this is the first book in a trilogy!

While this story ends well, there obviously are questions that will be answered in subsequent books – and I cannot wait for those books to be written and printed!!

The Clockmaker offers something for everyone’s tastes: history, horror, supernatural, thrills and suspense. I highly recommend it for all.”

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