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Hobeck Books is a publishing company run by husband and wife team – Adrian Hobart and Rebecca Collins. Today is the first anniversary of this team who are passionate about super crime fiction in all its forms and cats. I am also proud to be on their Advanced Readers Team and read through as many books as I can, to submit feedback, before I write a blog review.
Please note that I have not been asked to write a blog post or anything about it being their first anniversary, so, what I am writing is completely unbiased. I’ve felt I’ve wanted to put something together for awhile and now seems an appropriate time to do so to celebrate such an achievement from afar.
I have included some links to Hobeck Books and some of my reviews and you should check out the eye-catching covers too. There have so many books and authors that I just want to give you a taste of some here and bundle up a small selection of my reviews and also find out a bit more about this Indy publisher.

Hobeck Books have published police procedurals, thrillers, psychological thrillers, political thillers, quirky crime, Scottish Noir and more…There really is something for everyone who likes crime within fiction that also has a wider scope into people’s lives and so much more. Their authors are writing more than one book with them and they are often signing up authors from all over the UK.
They publish Paperbacks, Audiobooks and E-books, sometimes free E-books too. They also have their own Podcast (Hobcast), details can be found on their website. It has been quite a year from them.

Hobeck:  Website  www.hobeck.net   Twitter: @HobeckBooks Instagram: @hobeckbooks 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hobeckbooks10

Hobeck Books is doing tremendously well for year 1. Not only have they learned about publishing (before Hobeck was official of course, as there’s always a lot going on in the background to businesses etc) and made connections with various people from authors to bloggers to other readers, but they have a book in the Shortlist for Crime Book Festival – Bloody Scotland – Waking The Tiger by Mark Wightman. It’s no mean feat as there are hugely popular authors on that list and yet, they’ve found and published a great debut that’s reached (so far), these heady heights. Luckily they all leave the killing to just being on the page. They’re all nicer than their culprits.

Their Flagship Author is the ever popular and hugely successful actor, podcaster and author – Robert Daws, who transferred all his books in his excellent Broderick and Sullivan Murder Mystery series to them and has another being released soon.
All are set in Gibraltar, may well make you want to go there and are twisty and compelling to read. They are also 99p over on Amazon to celebrate this magnificent achievement is such climes.

Links to Reviews
The Rock and Poisoned Rock Reviews
Killing Rock Review  

Waking the TigerWaking The Tiger by Mark Wightman has made it to Shortlist at Bloody Scotland, a prestigious and ever growing festival in Stirling, Scotland.

Waking The Tiger Review

The Angel of WhitehallLewis Hastings has a trilogy of books – the increasingly popular Se7en series.
Here is a book with Jack Cade returning, but more standalone and works well with its twists and big plotlines to be gripped by.

The Angel of Whitehall Review

Blood Loss

Blood Loss is the first in the DI Paton Investigates series. It’s twisty and hard to put down.

Blood Loss Review

Hobeck Throttled

Throttled is humourous, with some big themes and is part of The Quirk Files. This is book two. Book one is Over Her Dead Body.

                             Throttled Review

Hobeck Hunted

Hunted takes readers to the heart of nature and the dark world of wildlife crime. It’s books like these that also bring something different to crime fiction.

                                                                                                            Hunted Review

Catch As Can Catch As Catch Can by Malcolm Hollingdrake is in the dark and brooding underworld and has quite a hook to it, that then makes you want to read the next book -Syn.
Catch As Catch Can Review

That was just a few, keep a look out for more and also keep an eye out on the Hobeck Books media and bloggers posts for more… Check out their website for what’s coming and for free books too and more info.
Hobeck:  Website  www.hobeck.net   Twitter: @HobeckBooks Instagram: @hobeckbooks 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hobeckbooks10


#BookReview by Lou of Blood Loss By Kerena Swan @KerenaSwan @HobeckBooks #CrimeFiction #Thriller

Blood Loss
By Kerena Swan

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A quick-fire pace and sensational plotting that is so unputdownable, it will sweep you off your feet!
Check out this crime fiction book, published by Hobeck Books in the blurb and my review. You can also find links below. I thank Hobeck Books for the book.
I was reading this as one of their HART members (Hobeck Advanced Readers Team).

Blood Loss



With one eye on the rear view mirror and the other on the road ahead, Sarah is desperate to get as far away from the remote Scottish cabin as she can without attracting attention. But being inconspicuous isn’t easy with a black eye and clothes soaked in blood…

… and now the fuel tank is empty.

DI Paton

When a body is discovered in a remote cabin in Scotland, DI Paton feels a pang of guilt as he wonders if this is the career break he has been waiting for. But the victim is unidentifiable and the killer has left few clues.


With the death of her father and her mother’s failing health, Jenna accepts her future plans must change but nothing can prepare her for the trauma yet to come.

Fleeing south to rebuild her life Sarah uncovers long-hidden family secrets. Determined to get back what she believes is rightfully hers, Sarah thinks her future looks brighter. But Paton is still pursuing her…

Blood Loss


Firstly, you would have checked out that cover! It is evocative and I like the shades of red in the writing that matches the reds within the wine. The shades of reds also make me think of blood. It ties it together simply, which makes it stand out on the simple white background. 

Moving onto the story itself: The pace is very fast from the outset and keeps up. By the end it’s a bit like, being able to take stock and breath again…

The characterisation of the “chalk and cheese” relationship between Jenna and Lucy is captured well. That friction leapt off the page and carried me along. The heightened tensions within the family feel realistic, with not much let-up, before jumping into the dectective side with DI Paton, with a slightly turning down on the pace, before it is ramped up again. The short chapters with DI Paton also adds a layer of forensics and brings focus to also solving the case. 
The elements of intrigue that comes from Jenna, especially are great and the introductions of each new element and character is spaced-out well and I reckon help keep that fast-pace and intrigue going, especially with Ellis and then later with Robert and Sarah and Grace.

The psychological elements adds another layer of depth, not just the decline in behavours from the assailant and victim and relationships, but also the very consideration from DI Paton to consider his wellbeing. It’s quite refreshing and subtly makes an important point, even more so because it’s a male character considering options, albeit briefly. It provides a thought-provoking point when he considers CBT, Neurolinguistic Therapy, Stage Show Hypnotist. The very fact this comes from a male character makes it quite a strong statement that may catch their attention a little too.

The themes are strong, with each of them floating along in the story. Each are deep and meaningful and have twists, especially where Jenna. Grace is concerned and the whole entanglement and Grace, which, changes the atmosphere, but not the intrigue later on. 

It’s a strongly, entertaining read and one which I wanted to know how it ended!


Kerena Swan’s Website              www.hobeck.net                Amazon