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Hobeck Books is a publishing company run by husband and wife team – Adrian Hobart and Rebecca Collins. Today is the first anniversary of this team who are passionate about super crime fiction in all its forms and cats. I am also proud to be on their Advanced Readers Team and read through as many books as I can, to submit feedback, before I write a blog review.
Please note that I have not been asked to write a blog post or anything about it being their first anniversary, so, what I am writing is completely unbiased. I’ve felt I’ve wanted to put something together for awhile and now seems an appropriate time to do so to celebrate such an achievement from afar.
I have included some links to Hobeck Books and some of my reviews and you should check out the eye-catching covers too. There have so many books and authors that I just want to give you a taste of some here and bundle up a small selection of my reviews and also find out a bit more about this Indy publisher.

Hobeck Books have published police procedurals, thrillers, psychological thrillers, political thillers, quirky crime, Scottish Noir and more…There really is something for everyone who likes crime within fiction that also has a wider scope into people’s lives and so much more. Their authors are writing more than one book with them and they are often signing up authors from all over the UK.
They publish Paperbacks, Audiobooks and E-books, sometimes free E-books too. They also have their own Podcast (Hobcast), details can be found on their website. It has been quite a year from them.

Hobeck:  Website  www.hobeck.net   Twitter: @HobeckBooks Instagram: @hobeckbooks 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hobeckbooks10

Hobeck Books is doing tremendously well for year 1. Not only have they learned about publishing (before Hobeck was official of course, as there’s always a lot going on in the background to businesses etc) and made connections with various people from authors to bloggers to other readers, but they have a book in the Shortlist for Crime Book Festival – Bloody Scotland – Waking The Tiger by Mark Wightman. It’s no mean feat as there are hugely popular authors on that list and yet, they’ve found and published a great debut that’s reached (so far), these heady heights. Luckily they all leave the killing to just being on the page. They’re all nicer than their culprits.

Their Flagship Author is the ever popular and hugely successful actor, podcaster and author – Robert Daws, who transferred all his books in his excellent Broderick and Sullivan Murder Mystery series to them and has another being released soon.
All are set in Gibraltar, may well make you want to go there and are twisty and compelling to read. They are also 99p over on Amazon to celebrate this magnificent achievement is such climes.

Links to Reviews
The Rock and Poisoned Rock Reviews
Killing Rock Review  

Waking the TigerWaking The Tiger by Mark Wightman has made it to Shortlist at Bloody Scotland, a prestigious and ever growing festival in Stirling, Scotland.

Waking The Tiger Review

The Angel of WhitehallLewis Hastings has a trilogy of books – the increasingly popular Se7en series.
Here is a book with Jack Cade returning, but more standalone and works well with its twists and big plotlines to be gripped by.

The Angel of Whitehall Review

Blood Loss

Blood Loss is the first in the DI Paton Investigates series. It’s twisty and hard to put down.

Blood Loss Review

Hobeck Throttled

Throttled is humourous, with some big themes and is part of The Quirk Files. This is book two. Book one is Over Her Dead Body.

                             Throttled Review

Hobeck Hunted

Hunted takes readers to the heart of nature and the dark world of wildlife crime. It’s books like these that also bring something different to crime fiction.

                                                                                                            Hunted Review

Catch As Can Catch As Catch Can by Malcolm Hollingdrake is in the dark and brooding underworld and has quite a hook to it, that then makes you want to read the next book -Syn.
Catch As Catch Can Review

That was just a few, keep a look out for more and also keep an eye out on the Hobeck Books media and bloggers posts for more… Check out their website for what’s coming and for free books too and more info.
Hobeck:  Website  www.hobeck.net   Twitter: @HobeckBooks Instagram: @hobeckbooks 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hobeckbooks10


#Review by Lou – Catch as Catch Can by Malcolm Hollingdrake – Happy Publication Day @MHollingdrake @HobeckBooks #CrimeFiction #Merseyside

Catch As Catch Can
By Malcolm Hollingdrake

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Review written by Louise (Lou) @Lou_Bookmarks

Catch As Catch Can is an excellent first crime fiction novel set in Liverpool by Malcolm Hollingdrake. There is atmosphere and a terrific rhythm in the artistic writing that gives it an edge, on the backdrop of noteable landmarks and the streets of Liverpool.

Published by Hobeck Books, I thank them as a member of their Advanced Reading Team for gifting me a copy.

FInd out more in the blurb and short review below. Discover what book is coming soon by Malcolm Hollingdrake. I can tell you, it’s a good second book to Catch as Catch Can.

Catch As Catch Can


A mutilated body apparently washed up on a windswept beach…

A violent criminal gang preys on moped riders across the area…

A teenage girl is desperate to escape sexual exploitation…

It’s a tough introduction to Merseyside for Detective Inspector April Decent, who’s just arrived from her native Yorkshire. Together with new colleague Skeeter Warlock, Decent quickly discovers there’s a sinister link between them all, one that will bring them face-to-face with some uncomfortable home truths.

Catch as Catch Can is the first in the Merseyside Crime Series from Malcolm Hollingdrake – bestselling author of the Harrogate Crime Series.


Catch As Catch CanCheck out the mysterious cover and the abstractness of it as it reflects the Mersey in Liverpool. The book has great artistic qualities, such as the rich, imaginative descriptions. that hooked me in. It feeds into the imagination in a curious way. A flip of a coin and the book becomes darker and more intense as a tattoo parlour needs investigating, once the right one with a particular design is found. Readers are plunged into a dark world in Liverpool of exploitation of women. Detective Decent is on the case with her team to investigate. There are many great new characters to get to know in this debut novel and they have a definite northern feel and are really interesting to get to know how they work together and who they are.
It’s sinister and gripping as it goes on into delving into the crimes. Piercing through bits of the darkness here and there are subtle shades of lightness in some of the conversations that transpire from the investigation.

The book, set in Liverpool, highlights some of the landmarks of the city and the author uses the sprawling city well, so those familiar or unfamiliar with the city will get a sense of place and enjoyment out of it.

It is part of a series set in Liverpool. The next book is Syn and publishes soon.

#Cover Reveal of Catch As Catch Can and Syn by Malcolm Hollingdrake @MHollingdrake @HobeckBooks #crimeseries #sefton #Liverpool #indiepub #NewRelease

Very excitedly, there is a cover reveal for Malcolm Hollingdrake’s forthcoming first two titles in the brand new Merseyside Crime Series – Catch As Catch Can and Syn, published by Hobeck Books.
Check out the moody, atmospheric covers and the blurb. Click Here To Pre-Order

Catch As Can


The gritty streets of Liverpool and the sweeping sands of the Sefton coastline provide the setting for Merseyside Crime Series from bestselling British crime author, Malcolm Hollingdrake.

Newly transferred from her native Yorkshire, Detective Inspector April Decent doesn’t have time to settle in to her new job before she’s tasked with solving a series of dark and disturbing crimes.

Together with Detective Sergeant Skeeter Warlock, Decent faces huge challenges – not least within the Merseyside Police Force itself…

Release: 20 April 2021 and 18 May 2021  –   Click Here To Pre-Order