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The Fairy In The Kettle
By Pauline Tait

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Fairy In The Kettle is sweet for 3-6 year old children by Pauline Tait. Thanks to Random T Tours for inviting me to review. Find out more in the blurb and my review and discover more about this author who lives in Scotland. She has much to offer readers of all ages…

The Fairy In The Kettle cover


Leona knows she is very lucky, she has wonderful friends and family and lives in a beautiful old round cast-iron kettle, a place filled with adventurous fun. Leona fills her days with dancing, listening to music and decorating her kettle.

However, how will Leona and friends cope on one particular wild and stormy evening when the fairy village turns into a nightmare…?


The type is beautiful in purple and goes with what transpires to be very sweet story about a fairy and her home. There is warmth and friendships to be found within the 25 pages, with their large and colourful illustrations, with a plot to keep young readers (3-6 years), enthralled.

There’s the creating of the home in the kettle, the friends Leona has and some dance. Life is good, until a storm hits, creating some tension and trepidation in the plot, until its lovely ending.

It’s short and sweet and is sure to capture the imaginations beautifully of young readers. It’s a great story to be read aloud too, whilst children cosy up to their parents/caregivers etc. It’s sure to give them a lovely warm fuzzy ending by the end of the entertaining story.

About the Author

Pauline Tait Author PicPauline is a multi-genre author, living and writing in Perthshire, Scotland. Having worked as a pharmaceutical technician for over twenty years and then in primary pupil support for learning, Pauline is now enjoying writing full time.

Her writing spans the ages as she writes both adult fiction novels (Romantic Suspense/Second Chances) and children’s picture books for 3- to 8-year-olds.

Writing has allowed Pauline to reach out and encourage children through her school and library visits and bookshop and festival events. She is passionate about children’s futures and welcomes opportunities to encourage children in their own reading and writing.

Married with two grown up children, Pauline also has a passion for cooking, travel and photography.

Fairy in the Kettle BT Poster

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Trains, Trains, Trains
By Donna David and Nina Pirhonen

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Today I have a review of a bright, fun picture book, with a fun game for those young children who love trains. It’s short and an exciting book to add to the picture book category. It is one that is great for reading together and lends itself perfectly for interactive fun. Find out what else I think about it in my review. First of all, a thanks to MacMillan Children’s Books for gifting me an e-book copy,  and take a look at the fun, eye-catching cover and the blurb too.

Trains Trains Trains cover


Big trains, small trains, short trains, long trains . . . which do you like best? Follow fifty colourful trains as they whizz along tracks and through tunnels – up, down, around and back again! Can you find your favourite?
Full of spotting and counting fun, with five trains to find on each page and an exciting fold-out race at the end, this rhyming preschool picture book from Donna David and Nina Pirhonen has been specially developed to encourage pre-reading skills and expand language and vocabulary. With a super-shiny foil cover and fun read-aloud text, Trains Trains Trains! is just the ticket for any transport-obsessed toddler!


TTrains Trains Trains coverrains, Trains, Trains….. says a lot in the title doesn’t it? It’s about…. you guessed it! Trains!
This is a seriously fun book with short, snappy sentences about each sort of train within the story. There’s much fun that can be had. It is written in a way that can be read to the movement of a train if you’re on one, and even if you are not. That certain rhythm can be found in the text.

Each page is brightly coloured and each has a plethora of trains of varying lengths and speeds, daytime, night time, going through a tunnel time, ones that are a bit bumpy, others that are smooth and so much more… There is also plenty of humour to be discovered too.

Trains, Trains, Trains is a book where much enjoyment can be gained over and over again. It’s also going to be great in extending vocabulary and observation skills. Whether your child is a few months old or 4/5 years old, there’s much to be gained in this entrancing, interactive book, that is best read aloud for full-effect and maximum fun!

There’s lots you can do with the book, besides reading it. You can have fun with the rhyme and you can use it to count trains and carriages etc, see what other things you can spot in the pictures. There’s a game that encourages this at the back. There’s a great section at the very end as a guide to “Reading Together – Tips for Parents and Carers”, with all sorts of ideas about what you can do and talk about. 

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The King Who Didn’t Like Snow
By Jocelyn Porter
Illustrated By Michael S. Kane

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The King Who Didn’t Like Snow is dedicated to Hospital Radio Volunteers in Plymouth and is a picture book, suitable for 0-6 year olds. Thanks for gifting it to me to review. Check out the blurb and my review below…

The King Who Didn't Like Snow


King Mark is a higgledy-piggledy king who gets into a pickle every day. “Do something, Bert!” he shouts, and Wizard Bert, with his sidekick, Broderick the bookworm, always saves the day.
When snow falls on Windy Hill Castle, everyone is delighted – except for King Mark! King Mark doesn’t like snow and starts to sulk.
Will Bert and Broderick save the day again? Will King Mark walk into trouble? Do the children of Windy Hill Village have the answer…?
The King Who Didn’t Like Snow is a magical, amusing tale from the imagination of children’s author Jocelyn Porter. The unique illustrations are provided by none other than Michael S Kane, AKA Shaky Kane, the legendary comic artist.


The book is bright and bold in its illustrations and easy to follow. Unusually, the text is also not only pretty big, it’s in bold, making it easy for a story-time curled up together or for children to read by themselves too, when they reach that stage.

The story takes place in a magical land called – Cornovia, where a time-travelling wizard (Bertram Ebenezer Rufus Togtangle) lives with Broderick – a bookworm in a Windy Hill Castle.

There are spells to be cast and a gigantic library, where Broderick goes to and almost forgotten games to discover.

When it snows, King Mark is not a happy man and is rather grumpy about it. The bookworm has and the wizard have an idea to create some fun and change the snow to a different colour.

There’s trying different things, such as toboganning down a hill. There’s also a message of being careful for what you wish for.

The book has some humour in it and also shows libraries off really nicely and in a fun way as well as winter fun, just in time for wintry weather.

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The Dragon With The Blazing Bottom
By Beach

Rating: 5 out of 5.

There’s plenty of humour for children in The Dragon With The Blazing Bottom. Thanks to Simon and Schuster Kids for gifting me this book to review.
Please find out more in the blurb and my review below.

The Dragon With The Blazing Bottom cover


The first in a fabulously funny and hugely commercial series about a dragon who has lost his flame – but may just find fire elsewhere . . . Perfect for fans of The DInosaur That Pooped series.

Sir Wayne’s dragon has lost his flame. Are his teeth TOO clean? Is his tongue TOO pink? Perhaps his diet is to blame. Not to worry – Sir Wayne has a meal plan of EPIC proportions, including a big lump of lava, one burning bush, some sparklers and fireworks – the ones that go ‘WHOOOOSH’. Oh, and one VERY mouldy old piece of cheese – almost as green as the snot from a sneeze . . . What could possibly go wrong?!
A hilarious and dynamic character-driven picture book, with a truly explosive ending! From the hugely exciting new picture book talent, Beach.


The Dragon With The Blazing Bottom absolutely would appeal to children’s sense of humour in its rhyming tale. This is a great debut picture book by Beach. It hits all the right notes for pre-school to 5 year olds.
There are 2 great characters to meet – a knight – Sir Wayne and a huge, bright red dragon who can’t breathe fire. The knight assists the dragon and the illustrations just add to the fun of this as many ways are tried.
Young children are sure to have fun as they discover what happens to the dragon.
It’ll absolutely appeal to children with that “toilet” sense of humour and those who like dragons, knights and dinosaurs, like the one who pooped… It’s sure to gross them out in a way that will have them laugh lots.
It’s a book that is great for bringing some humour into your child’s life and one that adults can have fun with when reading it to their child(ren).

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Bertie at the Worldwide Games
By Wendy H. Jones
Illustrated by Barry Diaper

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am excited to share with you the news that Bertie the Buffalo from Scotland is back and he is on another adventure. The first one was loved by young children (4 to 6 and sometimes younger) in not just the UK, but other countries in the world. With the Olympic Games just around the corner, and excitement mounting, this book couldn’t be more timely and is a great addition to add to the entertainment. The books work just as well as standalone.
Find out more in the blurb and then what else I think of this book in my review.

Bertie Cover


BertieTourP3Bertie the Buffalo is having fun on the farm where he lives in Scotland. Then a mysterious letter arrives inviting him to represent Scotland in the Worldwide Games. Bertie and his friends fly to Tokyo where they meet new and exotic animals and try to win first prize in all the different events. Bertie is sad when he isn’t winning any medals but finds out if he works together with his friends, he will be a winner in the end.



Bertie the Buffalo is back! This time he has bounded onto a plane and is heading to Tokyo for the Olympics, not to watch as one might presume, but to participate, in this fun and zany rhyming story, that has many animals from many parts of the world taking part. It is a timely book with terrific pictures, that also help tell the story in a way that makes this book Dyslexic friendly.

The first book had mass appeal and this one does too. It’s great that children can reunite with Bertie and his Alpacea friend, who were in the first book. I will say that each book is complete within themselves too. Countries are represented by different animals from their country of origin and each one has a speciality sporting event that they are competing in, just like the human olympics. Each sport is recognisable from the real olympics as is the competitive nature. The competitive nature, which is in the writing is also conveyed in the illustrations, so however children read and look at the book, they don’t miss out on any of the action or atmosphere.

There’s a great sense of comaraderie and upbeat celebration that goes through the book to excite children as it brings good cheer.

The book is fun for the timing of it, but is also a good fun way of introducing children to the olympics, the different events and also to different animals and where they come from.

Intelligently, there is a look in the story about the speed of animals and which one is perhaps faster than the next.

About the Author and Illustrator

BertieTourP2Author: Wendy H. Jones

Wendy H. Jones is the award-winning author of the DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries and Cass Claymore Investigates. She lives in Scotland and is also an international public speaker and the president of the Scottish Association of Writers.


Illustrator: Barry Diaper  

Barry Diaper is best known for his cartoons and caricatures for The Beano. He was once short-listed for the Daily Mail’s ‘Not the Turner Prize’. He lives in Salisbury, England.



Bertie worldwide games (1)


#Review by Lou – You Can’t Take An Elephant On Holiday by Patricia Cleveland-Peck and David Tazzyman @KidsBloomsbury @impeckable_P @gumdraw #ChildrensBooks #Humour #Kidslit #PictureBook #Elephants

You Can’t Take An Elephant On Holiday
By Patricia Cleveland-Peck & David Tazzyman

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Full of humour and joyous delight… come and find out in the blurb and my review.
Thanks to Bloomsbury for gifting me this book. It is available to buy now!

You can't take an elephant on holiday


Imagine playing minigolf with meerkats or building a sandcastle with an armadillo! And don’t even think about eating candyfloss when there’s an albatross about!

Jam-packed with crazy creatures, this brilliant new book from the creators of You Can’t Take an Elephant on the Bus, You Can’t Let an Elephant Drive a Digger and You Can’t Call an Elephant in an Emergency is riotous, laugh-out-loud fun!


Apparently you can’t take an elephant on holiday or have a lion on a tour bus… who knew? Haha. This is a book with fantastic illustrations and hilarious reasons as to why you can’t take an elephant on holiday, in fun, short, rhyming sentences that young children will enjoy. There are many animals to meet and recognisable situations, such as a paddling pool and a fair. Children will enjoy hearing the story and looking at the pictures and it is easy for adults to have fun with their children with it as they read it.

It is perfect for bedtime or during the day to cheer them up and bring the joy of books to them.
It would be great for homes, nurseries, toddler and baby groups, libraries. It’s pure joy and one you can interact with your children and just have sheer fun!