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How To Catch A Killer
Dr. Chris Merritt and Dr. Katherine Ramsland

Bloody Scotland Online Event

This was a rather fasinating and yet chilling interview between Dr. Chris Merritt and
Dr. Katherine Ramsland about forensics and the psychology of those who kill or to be more precise – psychopaths.

Dr. Chris Merritt started proceedings with an introduction:

Dr. Chris Merritt
Author of the Boateng and Jones series and the Lockhart and Green series; Dr. Chris Merritt is also Clinical Psychologist. He has produced a lot of research papers on mental health, which he has researched and also studies the impact technology has on our lives.

He has practiced clinical psychology in the UK National Health Service. Now, he consults on psychology for businesses and write.

Dr Katherine Ramsland

Dr Katherine Ramslet teaches forensics psychology and has appeared in 200 documentaries, consulted on The Alienist (now on Netflix). She has an article about her in Psychology Today. She has spent 25 years, specialising in serial killers.
She is a Professor at  DeSales University  specifically to teach forensic psychology, focusing on her field of expertise—extreme offenders.

She has worked on a book called How To Catch A Killer about Dennis Radar, one of the most notorious serial killers of all time.

A Notorious Killer

She has known Dennis Radar for 10 years and seemed fascinated by him and in writing about him, although 85% is his work, with some suggestions etc being made. She shown an interesting slide show, which can be seen when the recording is shown of the event.

Finally, caught in 2004, he didn’t come across as a totally stereotypical guy who would be a serial killer. He was a president of a church group and a public figure.
He, however started with a family of 4, so was a mass murderer before he became a serial killer, with more victims outwith the family.
His thing was binding, torturing and killing people. He killed 6 more people. You’ll get a bit more about it in Mindhunter.
What is described is chilling, but there certainly seems a clever way of catching him.  
Katherine talked about how he was manipulative and how she seemed to pay attention to what he said and how he said it. She said that they played chess and she was watching how he played. She talked about the layers of him; which was fascinating to hear about.

She talked of compartmentalising or cubing, which describes the behaviour and she learnt how to talk to him and she reckons it all allowed her to do an indepth study of him.

The Effect

Dr. Chris Merritt asked about the psychological effect that her work could have on her.

Dr Katherine Ramsland talked about how she approaches the case with a clinical perspective and says it hasn’t really effected her. She did however, talk a bit to some of her friends about a few of the more disturbing things. She said she had studied so much and reckoned her approach made the difference in coping.

How she came to start working on this

She was curious as a child, when in Michegan and became fascinated by the process. She worked with John Hunter and started to write for the Crime Library and wasn’t intending on becoming an expert on serial killers. She teaches forensics at universities. She talked about how there is so much diversity in serial killers in certain traits and backgrounds.
She is interested in many unique cases these days and less so, than those that hit the main news headlines.

The History of Serial Killing

Interestingly, she talked about how serial killers can be traced way back in history.
The earliest was 2nd BC in China and says it is of interest to psychologists in what leads them to study that. She also wrote about serial killers that go back to Ancient Rome.

She also talked of many different types of seriel killers and of all the different manifestations of murder.

Debunking Myths

Dr. Chris Merritt talked about there being myths around serial killers and one being single white men.

She says that women are also seriel killers and are mostly quiet around it with poisonings, but not always. She says that she is past the whole women are all nurturers and can’t possibly do this. She talked of some women being in teams as they go about their killing. They talked of some in England and the manipulation that presents itself in their behaviours.

They both talked about the psychology of team killers and used the Moors Murderers as a prime example and how she sees how much females in a male/female team can be involved.


All serial killers are not psychopaths, it would seem. It is fascinating to hear that there is so much work that is going into studying the traits really early on and kids who are maybe at risk of becoming a psychopath. Sometimes, however there isn’t a childhood history. She studies the case histories and looks into what arouses a person and their perspective on the world.

Most Like To Interview

Dr. Katherine Ramsland would most want to interview Jack the Ripper.

Dr. Chris Merritt’s and Dr. Katherine Ramsland’s books are available to buy.

Pics of their latest….


#Bookreview by Lou – Shakespearean by Robert McCrum – Showing how Shakespeare is relevant for 2020 and beyond @CamillaElworthy @picadorbooks @panmacmillan

by Robert McCrum
Rated: 5 stars *****

Shakespearean 4

Take a look at William Shakespeare as you’ve perhaps never seen him before. Robert McCrum has done a wonderful job in showing that Shakespeare is as relevant today in 2020 as he ever has been when he first picked up a quill and paper. If you’ve thought Shakespeare is too high-brow or just irrelevant, this is sure to make you think again as what we feel and see going on today, Shakespeare would understand, as shown through all the themes that are still universally acknowledged. This is a book that isn’t academic, it’s beautifully presented to be readable for everyone in a relaxed manner.

Thanks to Camilla Elworthy who invited me to review after seeing a tweet on my view of Shakespeare and how I too see him being relevant still for 2020 and beyond.

Follow through for the blurb and my full review.

Shakespearean 2


Why do the collected works of an Elizabethan writer continue to speak to us as if they were written yesterday?

When Robert McCrum began his recovery from a life-changing stroke, described in My Year Off, he discovered that the only words that made sense to him were snatches of Shakespeare. Unable to travel or move as he used to, McCrum found the First Folio became his ‘book of life’, an endless source of inspiration through which he could embark on ‘journeys of the mind’, and see a reflection of our own disrupted times.

An acclaimed writer and journalist, McCrum has spent the last twenty-five years immersed in Shakespeare’s work, on stage and on the page. During this prolonged exploration, Shakespeare’s poetry and plays, so vivid and contemporary, have become his guide and consolation. In Shakespearean he asks: why is it that we always return to Shakespeare, particularly in times of acute crisis and dislocation? What is the key to his hold on our imagination? And why do the collected works of an Elizabethan writer continue to speak to us as if they were written yesterday?

Shakespearean is a rich, brilliant and superbly drawn portrait of an extraordinary artist, one of the greatest writers who ever lived. Through an enthralling narrative, ranging widely in time and space, McCrum seeks to understand Shakespeare within his historical context while also exploring the secrets of literary inspiration, and examining the nature of creativity itself. Witty and insightful, he makes a passionate and deeply personal case that Shakespeare’s words and ideas are not just enduring in their relevance – they are nothing less than the eternal key to our shared humanity.

Shakespearean 3


Anyone with any interest or would like to start developing or has an interest in Shakespeare, this book is the perfect book for you. Even if you’ve thought that Shakespeare is a playwright that isn’t for today and wondering why we should bother with him, this book is perfect for you. This book could have the ability of removing any barriers a person has perceived to have about Shakespeare and to think of him in a whole new light as it captures him and ourselves as we live today in 2020. The book proves that if Shakespeare was an immortal human-being and not just, as he is now – immortal on the page, that he would have a great deal of understanding of what people are living through in 2020 and all the “chapters” and “themes” that run through our lives.

This book shows how relevant to the 21st century, Shakespeare was as he ever has been, ever since he put quill to paper. The themes are universal and the themes of life, love, politics, introspection, death have never changed throughout the centuries and the same goes for emotions. All still exists and appeals to today’s audiences. Robert McCrum expertly explores, through the modern world as well as his plays and sonnets, which are quoted throughout the book, why Shakespeare has become such an icon in Britain and across the world.

Shakespearean is erudite. It’s written in a gentle way, which is accessible to everyone in-terms of the language used. The author has shown exactly how the words from Shakespeare are as relevant today as they ever were by showing them within current situtations and how even the most famous of actors turn to Shakespeare when describing a very current occurance. That’s what makes this book exciting!

The book illustrates well, the timelessness of Shakespeare and tells of the great actors who have clamoured over getting the roles within films and theatres, especially The Globe Theatre. Then there’s also the highly successful TV comedy – Upstart Crow.
So many actors have been touched by Shakespeare’s work, right down to Fleabag’s creator – Pheobe Waller-bridge.

The way everything to do with Shakespeare is related to the modern world is done in a way that is most original. I’ve never seen anything written like this before. Robert McCrum’s passion shines through and this in turn, creates for a book that has a certain something special. It’s not done in a usual historian way. This is more like an informative conversation. It’s so relaxed in the way each chapter is presented. There’s nothing high-brow about the elegance of it all.

The mentioning of Shakespeare and Marlowe and what came after Marlowe’s death in Shakespeare’s work is fascinating!

The book is thought-provoking and the author also creates this in the middle of the book when he delves further into some of the plays, but again in this masterful accessible way, that will undoubtedly inspire some people to see a performance, when previously they thought it may not be for them as he explains Shakespeare’s language of the plays in a non-complex way.

It goes onto being insightful about how Americans view Shakespeare and about how their famous authors have studied his works, and shows the comparison in themes and the way they express them in their writing. It also shows how Shakespeare has influenced their musicals.

All in all, this is a book about Shakespeare I very highly recommend and do believe it could have you seeing his work in a whole different light.


#BookReview by Lou – Hector: At Ground Level by Gary Finnan @GaryFinnan @BalboaPress #lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours #BlogTour

Hector – At Ground Level and Beyond
By Gary Finnan
Rated: 4 stars ****

This is a cute and meaningful book about life. Is it fiction or non-fiction? In truth, it would appeal to both camps with it’s fable with the hedgehog and then its directness about life that then relates to you as it promotes wellbeing and inspiration about how you could look at life. Check out the author, synopsis and my review below.
I thank Kelly and Meggy at Love Books Group Tours for inviting me and for sending me a physical copy of the book.

About the Author

Born in Scotland and raised in Zimbabwe and South Africa, Gary Finnan splits his time between Sonoma Wine country in California and his farm in Aiken South Carolina, along with his wife Eva and two daughters. Gary is an award-winning inspirational author. 


HectorCoverFront (2)This Little Book is about being present to the wonders that exist around us At Ground Level, discovering all that we fail to see when we spend so much of our lives chasing bigger, better, faster, more, endeavouring to fly higher.

Everything else seems much more desirable around us than ourselves, or our lives and loves, after a long day at the slug farm.

When do we decide how to proceed with the life we have built thus far: Joy, Passion,

Marriage, Divorce, Suicide, Enlightenment? Choices we have made. What if you built from a place of strength rather than always feeling diminished and unfulfilled? A life built upon the life you have, rather than the elusive life you imagine, yet fear. Build a great life in balance with your best self and your nurtured relationships. Transformation is seeing the hidden gems that truly exist in plain sight.

We have all heard someone say, The grass is greener on the other side. Is it?

Most of us were 4 or 5 years old when the belief structure we made with life set in: I am stupid, I am weak, I don’t deserve, etc. We engaged believing that we should spend our lives proving that we are who we believe everyone else thinks we are. Breaking the cycle of doubt is essential. Loving self is the first love.

The grass is greenest where you are!

HectorCoverFront (2)


Hector is an adorable looking hedgehog, as pictured on the front cover. The fable takes readers through each decade of Hector’s life. This is very much a story for adults, even though the main character is a hedgehog. He’s a pretty exhausted hedgehog. Like humans can get tired and have so much responsibility of family and home, so does Hector. Each as well need space to think, Hector goes for a solitary walk in the vividly written woodland.

Hector has a family with Hillary and this is their love story. It’s about love in so many forms. The love within a marriage, a family, a friendship and the beauty within.

The book takes readers on a story of self-discovery and trying to figure out a good way of living, throughout the years and what choices you make and the impact of them and what adventures may occur along the way. This isn’t to say everything is easy as it shows life can be pretty tricky at times and sometimes to the point of being overwhelmed. He has 2 dreams, one where nothing goes as planned and another where everything is perfect and more tranquil. It goes to show life can go either way and instead of giving up, you can be brave and embrace some courage to be in the uncomfortable places as well as the more palatable, comfortable ones. It also shows that life can become brighter, once you’ve worked out what is important to you and it isn’t always what you think. It isn’t always greener on the otherside.

After each chapter is a small thought-provoking and postive piece that accompanies what has just been read. It’s quite a philosophical story in some ways and also a very sweet one about life. Although the main character is a hedgehog, it actually displays very human characteristics. The use of the hedgehog is ingenious. It’s not only cute, but written in such a way that is relatable to human lives.

The book goes onto a second section called Ramblings, which consists of very beautiful poems of all sorts of  love and some about life,  each are short of less than a full page long. Some are emotional, some are sweet and some with humour.
There, in the epilogue, when Hector is 60 and the “ramblings” change in perspective. Some are still about love, but others are about life in general and losing some of that angst about where life is headed. In some ways, some show that life is on a firmer footing than earlier years.

The final part is – Hector- A Reflection of Sorts. It reflects on what the fable and ramblings are about. It also becomes even more thuought provoking as it asks you to look at yourself too, especially your inner-self.
At the very back of the book, there are a few pages that you can write on, with adequate spacing, that encourages this time of self-reflection. Each is prompted by starting off with a small segment of the tale that was told to begin with.
Continue on and find out what inspired such a book as this, that mixes fact with fiction, in a gentle way to have people think about life, their own lives, to be more exact. I think many people, especially just now, could find this style of book relaxing and good for being part of their own well-being.

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Hector (1).jpg

Alone Together By Jennifer Haupt @Jennifer_Haupt #CentralAvenuePublishing #NonFiction #articles #interviews #poetry

Alone Together
By Jennifer Haupt
Rated: 4 stars ****

Candid and emotional with plenty that people can relate to or at least begin to understand that Covid 19 has affected everyone in some way or another or you might know someone who has been affected. In so many ways, I too have been affected by Covid 19 and that’s without actually (so far), having had it myself.
This book was created also to help Indie bookstores hit by lockdowns, but also to give writers and poets a “voice” and outlet. Its content is, however, relatable to many people, whatever your position and wherever you are in the world.
Thanks to Jennifer Haupt and Central Avenue Publishing for accepting my request to review.
Check out the blurb and review below.


Alone Together cover


ALONE TOGETHER: Love, Grief, and Comfort During the Time of COVID-19 is a collection of essays, poems, and interviews to serve as a lifeline for negotiating how to connect and thrive during this stressful time of isolation as well as a historical perspective that will remain relevant for years to come. All contributing authors and business partners are donating their share to The Book Industry Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit organization that coordinates charitable programs to strengthen the book-selling community.  

The roster of diverse voices includes Faith Adiele, Kwame Alexander, Jenna Blum, Andre Dubus III, Jamie Ford, Nikki Giovanni, Pam Houston, Jean Kwok, Major Jackson, Devi S. Laskar, Caroline Leavitt, Ada Limón, Dani Shapiro, David Sheff, Garth Stein, Luis Alberto Urrea, Steve Yarbrough, and Lidia Yuknavitch.  

ALONE TOGETHER is divided into five sections: What Now?, Grieve, Comfort, Connect, And Don’t Stop. The overarching theme is how this age of isolation and uncertainty is changing us as individuals and a society.

Alone Together cover


Alone Together shows the coming together of people with all sorts of experiences . What they are experiencing may be alone in one sense, but in another sense, it is a coming together of people who are sharing their experiences on the page in the Alone Together book. There are just so many stories and poems within this book from so many people’s experiences, whether it is from a political or work angle or a relationship angle or the sadness of death. Each one personal to the writer and yet people will be able to find, at least some that are relatable to their own experiences of quarantine and of Covid 19 and its effects. I think some may find reading this book cathartic in a way, or perhaps it will give people time to pause, to gather their own thoughts. It perhaps it could bring some more kindness and compassion into the world from even more people who, after reading through these stories, might start to understand a little more about how another person is feeling. Not everyone will have lost something or someone during the pandemic and, whilst it is true that no one can really know what that feels like until it has been experienced, this book can and does at least shed some light on things like this. Everyone has experienced the pandemic that bit differently from the next. I have from all of my neighbours, very, very differently and this book also shows that there are so many experiences and so many stories to be told and so many that may be untold.

Jennifer Haupt introduces herself as an introvert, but one who also has positive interactions with others. She doesn’t completely shut herself away. She talks of how her connections when quarantine hit, had somewhat frayed and she felt a desire to take some sort of action to help others. She documents a conversation between herself and Kwame Alexander. Kwame Alexander is the Innovator-in-Residence of London, and the New York Times bestselling author of 34 books. They believe people’s shared experiences, with the help of technology, such as Zoom are bringing people together. Now, this I can agree on as I have also had the opportunity to talk to people on Zoom, I may never have before, because of circumstance or because I didn’t know of their existence until now.

There is a section, demonstrating how introverts are happy to “shelter” in one place and do the whole Netflix, bake bread etc and staying in becomes the norm…. until…. the other half wants to venture outside!!!
She candidly talks about her experiences of all this and the changes that have to be made.

She then moves onto those, identified most at risk of Covid 19 and how amongst them are people of different backgrounds. She also documents the life of a man who was killed.
She also writes about weaponry, it seems to be both in physical form and in the language used. Neither of which is useful of course. It really shows the US in not the best of lights at all. There seems to be a rawness and truth about the book.

There is a beautiful poem (For Maya Angelou) by Nikki Giovanni. It is beautiful and full of truth. I love the verse about how her friend died. Not because I love death, I do not. It’s because it is so matter of fact and almost like she is fed-up of people using different ways of describing it, such as “lost”. This poem is also full of love and compassion and real feeling that so many people who have a dead loved one can relate to. I certainly can.

Shedding is another poem, this time it focuses on the virus, but also about how we as humans can take time to lose the unimportant things and instead, focus and do what is important to each other and to show compassion.

Sit The Hell Down by Dinty W. Moore is about her deciding to retire from teaching…. Then the pandemic arrived and it isn’t at all what she expected. Instead of doing lots of things, she stares out the window as she stays home. It’s moving and poignant. Her writing, of how this time is described is creative.

Kevin Sempsell demonstrates Books On Pause as events were cancelled. It’s also about feeling helpless and how he’s afraid about what might happen in the publishing world.

There is an interview between Jennifer Haupt and David Sheff about grieving and it highlights drug addiction as someone in his family died of this. They also talk of how the US had, what seemed like optimism and high hopes, only to see them dashed, so many times and how this too can cause a certain type of grief and anger and sometimes, activism. It’s an interesting, wide-ranging interview with grief at the heart of its subject.

Kelli Russell Agodon and Melissa Studdard have over-indulged in chocolate, but it isn’t really about that. It gives a sense of helplessness and yet also a desire to help the entire world and to someone hold it all, encapsulated someway, but they say “I Kind Of Want To Love The World, But I Have No Idea How to Hold It.”

There is a River of Grief by Grace Tulusan. It’s beautifully written and described. It says how it is. That when someone dies, there is no one around to hug and the rituals of burial that cannot happen how they used to. It captures so much of what so many people are experiencing/have experienced.

Jennifer Haupt also interviewed Dani Shapiro, which focuses on Comfort and how people in the medical world and beyond want to help and don’t wish to be called heroes, they see it as their job.

Three O’Clock by Jennie Shortridge is altogether alarming and brave at the response of panic that Covid 19 has evoked as the flight or fight reaction kicked in and yet seems grateful for those who helped.

Jean Kwok is Searching For Grace in her story of dance and kindness of family. The way it is told is interesting as different parts of life merge.

In the section called Connect, there’s a story of just a few pages called Zooming The Subtle Body and it is creatively written. The use of imagery is fascinating. This appears to be a type of Yoga.

And Do Not Stop is all about exactly that. It seems to be about still continuing to celebrate the days that are special for America (and of course whatever country you are in.
Postcard From New York however also shows in-contrast how some things did stop and traffic depleted. It’s amazing and happened in cities all around the world. New York was so busy and then she writes about the contrast so immediately, so strikingly that it was like a line had been drawn between pre-covid and present covid times and although quieter, people do still take the chance to roam around the city.

This is a book that will touch everyone is some way as everyone has experiences in Covid 19 that aren’t just personal to them, but may be similar to some you read in this book. The book can be treated as a coming together, even though you may not have written within it. Although people may be alone just now, there can be a certain type of togetherness found within these pages. There are many other pieces of writing within this book, which are also very good. The ones I selected to focus on for the review are those I thought resonated most and were the ones I thought demonstrated the topic well, to give you, the next readers, a taste of what you can expect.

I wish to conclude my review of this by saying this:
As the world opens up more and more, the pandemic has not gone away and is still infectious and deadly. I hope everyone stays well.
Please note that this is not related to Alone Together Group that (if in the UK), you may have seen on news programmes.


Worlds Apart By Ronan Brady @AnomalyRonan @Lovebooksgroup @MercierBooks

Worlds Apart
By Ronan Brady

Worlds Apart pic

I am pleased to announce that I am closing this lovely blog tour for the book Worlds Apart with a blurb, and excerpt/extract. Also check out the amazing pics throughout and You Tube vidoes at the bottom that I have to share with you, they really are pretty spectacular of Ronan Brady in action. Thanks to LoveBooksTours for inviting me to show some content for this book.




‘Ronan is emblematic of how Ireland has changed.’ – Panti Bliss  

At just under six foot in his socks and weighing in at fourteen stone, Ronan Brady is a solid slab of rarest Roscommon meat. He has a natural tendency to throw himself about – some would say recklessly, others would say enthusiastically – into whatever he sets himself to. Ronan had a ‘normal’ childhood in Roscommon and knew by the time he was a teenager that when he grew up he wanted to play football for his county and become a teacher. Ronan had achieved his life ambition when he took up ‘Flying’ as a hobby. A hobby that transformed his life and took him to heights he never dreamed of, performing in the smash hit show Riot alongside Panti Bliss, and going on to tour the world. Worlds Apart is an open, humorous account of Ronan’s life journey.


The Great Disappearing Act

Tingling, like you are at the peak of your human capacity,  like you could almost break free of the Earth’s gravity and  go floating off through the atmosphere … almost. Because beneath it all is a weak-kneed exhaustion. All your energy has been spent in pulling this thing off and, what’s more, you know that this is only the beginning.

You can never replicate the energy of an audience in a rehearsal room. It’s a physical sensation that beams directly from the crowd to you on stage. You feed from it and they  in turn react to you, and in that way it grows and grows to almost a fever pitch. You can never anticipate exactly how enthusiastic they have the capacity to become. You don’t even know the areas where they are going to find enjoyment, because, without fail, an engaged audience will always, always, always find stuff entertaining that you had never even considered could be anything other than a procedural element of the show. They laugh or gasp or applaud, and that becomes part of the show. Only when the audience are there can you truly begin to understand what the show is and what it might become. Things are never finished in the rehearsal room. They are not meant to be. They need to get out in front of people in order to grow and evolve and continue.

And what’s more, when you  find  yourself  in  front  of an eager crowd, you suddenly remember that  things  are fun. These acts, over which I had dug myself into an ever- deepening hole, were fun. They were comedic and tender and provocative. I didn’t need to be fearful of this audience, because they were into it. They got it in a way I hadn’t up until…

About the Author

Ronan Brady is a physical performer, aerialist and hoop artist who is recognised internationally for his expertise with the Cyr wheel. He is a native of Roscommon, where he was a teacher and played intercounty football, before embarking on his stage career.


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Let’s Get Published by Val Penny @valeriepenny @lovebooksgroup #LetsGetPublished #Publishing #WritingCommunity #BlogTour #CoverReveal #NonFiction

Let’s Get Published
by Val Penny

Today I am on a blog tour to reveal Bestselling Scottish Crime author Val Penny’s new book. This time, not a crime book set in Edinburgh, but a non-fiction book with the nuts and bolts of how to get published for anyone who is a budding author out there. I am excited to reveal the cover and blurb. Below you will also find info about the author and social media links.

Lets Get Published


At last, a book that is easy to read and tells it how it is! The book was written to assist authors to maximise their success when submitting work to agents or publishers, to help authors consider their priorities and preferences for getting work into print. To advise authors on how to identify the agents and/or publishers they want to approach. It should also assist with editing their manuscript fully prior to submission. The book offers advice about how to prepare a submission package to give an author the best chance of success. The road to becoming a successful author is not easy, but it is rewarding. Let this book take you on the journey.

About the Author

Val Penny is an American author living in SW Scotland. She has two adult daughters of whom she is justly proud and lives with her husband and two cats. She has a Law degree from Edinburgh University and her MSc from Napier University. She has had many jobs including hairdresser, waitress, lawyer, banker, azalea farmer and lecturer. However, she has not yet achieved either of her childhood dreams of being a ballerina or owning a candy store. Until those dreams come true, she has turned her hand to writing poetry, short stories and novels. 

Her crime novels, ‘Hunter’s Chase’ Hunter’s Revenge, Hunter’s Force and Hunter’s Blood form the bestselling series The Edinburgh Crime Mysteries. They are set in Edinburgh, Scotland, published by Crooked Cat Books. The fifth novel in the series, Hunter’s Secret, is published by darkstroke. Her first non-fiction book, Let’s Get Published is available now.

Twitter Link     @valeriepenny

Instagram        @valerieepenny