#Review by Lou of Partners In Crime Podcast @adamcroft @RobertDaws @CrimeFicPodcast #Podcast

Partners In Crime Podcast
Created and Hosted by
Adam Croft and Robert Daws
Rated: 5 stars *****

Partners In Crime

Partners In Crime Podcast is available from Fridays and I listen in most weeks or play catch up on it at a weekend. The podcast is brought to you by Adam Croft, a hugely successful crime fiction author who writes in every single type of sub-genre and Robert Daws who is also a hugely successful actor and author and sometimes Adrian Hobart who is a founder of Hobeck Books with Rebecca Collins. Each episode is 30 mins long and it is just some bookish and tv fun really, but with added banter of two great friends, that adds to creating a lovely, delightful atmosphere that is rather jovial, mostly uplifting and with plenty of humour.

There is a very genuine, relaxed quality as they put the world to rights in their own unique way. They have various eye-catching titles, with the latest being Don’t Dally In A Doorway, that draws you into their world of intrigue to see what on earth that could possibly mean.

They have, despite lockdown, been able to keep to the rules and did their podcast in various ways, outside, apart and how’s this for the ultimate social distancing? Robert Daws was away filming in Latvia, whilst Adam Croft was still in England. It just shows what technology can do…. except there are some gremlins where they live in England.

The pair talk about the latest crime fiction books they have enjoyed (and sometimes their own that they have written) as well as some of the latest tv dramas, creating a great platform for other creatives to get their work mentioned and to inspire and inform people for what is available or coming soon.

I like that Adam Croft and Robert Daws give a little information about themselves and what they’ve been doing before really getting down to business as it were. It’s an easy listen and a good podcast to escape into for half an hour in a week. In our busy lives, 30 mins of escapism is a good thing and the podcast is a perfect length to fit in.

The podcast has been running for over 100 episodes. They did a Live (or rather, Adam Croft did) for the 100th episode and that isn’t the first time they have been Live. They have also done a Live with Adam Croft and Adrian Hobart (who is a founder of Hobeck Books who publishes Robert Daws books) at the Morecambe and Vice Festival, when festivals were a normal thing.

Some of the latest works by Adam Croft, who has 2 more books coming soon. He has written many books and is highly successful.

Works by Robert Daws who has another book coming soon in his hugely popular Rock series, set in Gibraltar.


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